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Printed on Aug 30, 2015 @ 2:47 AM

Benton County Code

The Benton County Code is a living document which is updated at the discretion of the Board of Commissioners. This is an online version only. Benton County does not assume any responsibility for any errors in this online document. If you wish to receive an updated hard copy of any of the chapters, please contact the Office of County Counsel at 541-766-6890.

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Benton County Code - Chapter Listing


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  1. General Code Administration
  2. County Contracts
  3. Citizen Committees
  4. County Elections
  5. Inclusion of County Measures in State Voter's Pamphlet
  6. Benton County Voter's Pamphlet
  7. Roads & Addresses
  8. Acceleration of Redemption for Tax-Foreclosed Property
  9. Animal Control
  10. Burglary & Robbery Alarms
  11. Benton County Building Code
  12. Parking
  13. Social Gatherings
  14. Regulation of Off Road Vehicles
  15. County Parks
  16. County Fair
  17. Sale of Tobacco
  18. Smoking in Workplaces & Enclosed Public Places
  19. Ambulance Service Area Plan
  20. Cable Franchises
  21. Nuisance Abatement
  22. Food Handlers
  23. Solid Waste Management
  24. Intergovernmental Entities
  25. Public Land Corner Preservation
  26. Geographic Information Systems
  27. Nuisance Trees
  28. Anti-Discrimination
  29. Policy-Making Authority for Benton County Correction Facility
  30. Farm Practices
  31. Enforcement
  32. Emergency Procedures of Benton County
  33. Liquor License Application Review
  34. Measure 37
  35. Reimbursement Districts for Public Road Improvements
  36. Illicit (Non-Stormwater) Discharges\
  37. Certificate of Inclusion for Private Property
  38. Sale of Marijuana and Marijuana-Infused Products