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Benton County Willamette Criminal Justice Council – Membership List

From the WCJC Bylaws:

The governing body of the Council purposely includes criminal justice system practitioners as well as lay members who are not closely involved in the day-to-day operations of a criminal justice agency. Through this mix, it is believed that the purposes of the Council will be achieved on both:

Internal Issues: fair, efficient, effective and coordinated criminal justice services in Benton County, and
External Issues: long-range planning for the delivery of criminal justice services in Benton County.

WCJC Members


Member Name
(alphabetically by last name)
WCJC Positions (38 total)
* Indicates Lay Position (22 total)
Vacant Adair Village: Citizen Representative*
Vacant Adair Village City Councilor
Vacant ASOSU Representative*
Vacant Philomath: Mayor/City Manager Representative*
Vacant OSU: Director, Department of Public Safety
Vacant OSU:Citizen Representative*
Vacant Representative of Crime Victims*
Beilstein, Mike Corvallis: City Councilor*
Bogatin, Kevin School District Representative*
Carley, Justin Benton Co. Director of Community Corrections
Currier, Bill Adair Village: Mayor/City Manager Rep. *
Dixon, Jay Benton County: BOC*
Elwer, Ken - Past Chair Philomath: Police Chief
Frederick, Max Albany: Citizen Representative*
Haroldson, John - Treasurer Benton County: District Attorney
Hein, Richard - Lay Chair Governor's Citizen Representative*
Hendrickson, Dan 911 Emergency Communications Director
Hukari, Linda Trial Court Administrator
Jackson, Scott- Chair-Elect Benton County: Sheriff
Johnson, Bessie Albany: City Councilor*
Koeppe, Charla Philomath: City Council*
Konopa, Sharon Albany: Mayor/City Councilor Representative*
Lattanzio, Mario Albany: Police Chief
Mazour, Dave Oregon State Police
Mitchell, Steve OSU: Oregon State Police Representative
Moller, Mary Child Welfare Manager- DHS
Nelson, Jeanne Benton County: Health Dept. Admin Rep.*
Ortiz, Nicolas Public Defender/Defense Attorney
Patterson, Jim Corvallis: Mayor/City Manager Representative*
Riffle, Rich Adair Village Police Chief
Rogers, Jack- OSU: Senior Administrator*
Sassaman, Jon- WCJC Chair 2013-14 Corvallis: Police Chief
Thompson, Terry Benton County: Juvenile Dept. Director
Wershow, Stewart Corvallis: Citizen Representative*
Williams, Deb Philomath: Citizen Representative*
Williams, Locke Benton County Circuit Court Judge
Williams, Tara Oregon Youth Authority
York, Penny Benton County: Citizen Representative*