Benton County, Oregon

Making Benton County a Better Place to Live
Printed on Aug 28, 2015 @ 3:08 PM

Benton County Elections – Frequently Asked Questions

Question List


  1. Who may register to vote?
  2. Do I have to choose a political party when I register to vote?
  3. When do I need to reregister?
  4. Where can I find voter registration cards?
  5. As an OSU student, where do I register to vote, here or back home?
  6. What is a Primary Election?

The Elections Process

  1. Who decides when an election will be held?
  2. How does a person become a candidate?
  3. Where can I get information on candidates and issues?
  4. I miss going to the polls and would rather do that than mail my ballot.
  5. What types of measures require 50% of the qualified voters to vote in order to be passed?

Voting the Ballot

  1. When will I receive my ballot?
  2. I have moved, is that why I did not get a ballot?
  3. I will be going south for the winter. Can my son forward my ballot to me?
  4. How can I vote if I will be away from home during upcoming elections?
  5. Will I be dropped as a voter if I don't vote?
  6. Do I have to vote on every issue or candidate in order for my ballot to be counted?
  7. If no one has filed for an office, or I don't wish to vote for the candidate(s) listed, do I have another choice?
  8. When filing in a write-in candidate's name, what can I do to assure their name will be counted?
  9. What if I forget to sign my ballot?
  10. Oops. I made a mistake. How can I fix it?
  11. I forgot the secrecy envelope and had to re-open the ballot envelope to include it. Will you still count my ballot?
  12. I forgot to put my ballot in the secrecy envelope. Will it be counted?
  13. What is an "undervote?"
  14. What is an "overvote?"
  15. How do you choose the order of candidate names listed on the ballot?
  16. Does my ballot have to be delivered in Benton County?
  17. Why is postage required when mailing a voted ballot?
  18. How will I know if my ballot was accepted and counted?
  19. Can we put several ballots in one envelope to save on postage?
  20. If I am issued a replacement ballot, how do I know someone else will not vote my first ballot?
  21. How soon can I return my voted ballot?
  22. When do ballots have to be received in order to be counted in the election?
  23. When will election results be known?