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Benton County Mental Health – Adult Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Programs

Our program offers a variety of treatment options for individuals desiring recovery, growth and healing from alcohol or other drug abuse dependence. Our experienced staff are state certified and highly trained in alcohol and other drug interventions and treatments. Treatment options and goals are tailored to fit individual needs. Individuals actively participate in decision-making related to their goals and treatment. The program is based on the latest techniques and proven treatment and recovery practices. We respect individual needs and concerns.

Contact Information

For more information on Adult Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment program or to make an appointment, call 541-766-3540.


In order to become a Benton County Alcohol and Other Drug client you must:

  • Be a resident of Benton County; -or-
  • Have IHN (Intercommunity Health Network) which allows you eligibility for Alcohol & Drug Program Services only; -or-
  • Have ABHA (Accountable Behavioral Health Alliance) with preauthorization if residence is outside of Benton County
  • Be 14 years or older (doesn't require a parental consent)
  • Have your OHP card showing that you have Oregon Health Plan, -or- letter of proof that you have applied for the Oregon Health Plan (acquired from Adult and Family Services [AFS])
  • Have Medicaid or Medicare – make sure to bring your card!


If you have been denied by the Oregon Health Plan and you have no insurance, your fees will be based on a sliding-fee scale according to your income. We do take some private insurance, please call and ask if we are covered by your insurance company. If you have private insurance, we strongly advise you to utilize it! You can call your insurance company to find out who your mental health provider should be and where you are eligible to receive services.


What is Orientation? Orientation is your first appointment with the Benton County Alcohol and Other Drug program. This appointment is approximately two hours long and includes the following:

  • Paperwork which includes financial information and an admissions form.
  • A thirty minute orientation session which tells you about our programs.
  • An one-on-one session to insure that we agree on your involvement in this program.

If we agree that you will be receiving treatment at the Benton County Alcohol and Other Drug program, you will leave orientation with an appointment for a full Alcohol and Other Drug assessment with one of our highly qualified professionals. Please call us at 541-766-3540 to make an appointment. Be prepared to show your OHP, Medicaid, Medicare, IHN, or ABHA cards at EACH visit!


Information about you is confidential. You must give written permission before we can share information about you with other people or agencies. Confidential information may be released WITHOUT your consent ONLY when:

  • There is clear danger to you or others.
  • You have a medical emergency requiring such information.
  • There is reasonable cause to believe that neglect or abuse of a child, elder, person with developmental disabilities or nursing home patient has been or is occurring.
  • A court orders release of the information under certain limited circumstances.
  • Under limited circumstances if you are a minor (depending on the type of treatment being received).

We also ask that you protect the confidentiality of our other clients. Please do not identify others as clients of the Health Department. Please do not discuss other clients' concerns outside of activities designed for such discussion, unless you have specific permission from the person involved.

Treatment Options

We will assist you in assessing the severity of your alcohol or other drug use. If necessary, we will help place you in an inpatient facility if your problem cannot be treated in our outpatient program.

Level I Care
Level I Care is a low-intensity outpatient treatment option that may include groups and/or individual sessions once per week.

Level II Care
Level II Care is a medium-intensity outpatient treatment option that may include groups and/or individual sessions three times per week. Groups may include:

  • Multi-Family Group
  • Focus Group
  • Relapse Prevention Group
  • Adult Assessment Group

Aftercare treatment occurs after either Level I or Level II Care has been successfully completed. It is based on each individual's recovery and relapse prevention needs.

Warning Signs of Youth Alcohol or Other Drug Use

For You

  • I use alcohol or other non-prescription drugs even when I planned not to
  • I use alcohol or other non-prescription drugs, I always told myself I would never use
  • I hang out only with friends that use alcohol or other non-prescription drugs
  • My grades, job, or relationships suffer because of my alcohol or other non-prescription drug use

For Family and Friends

  • Changes in peer group
  • Changes in school and work performance
  • Secretiveness
  • Changes in sleeping, eating, and hygiene
  • Changes in attitude and mood


Benton County Mental Health and Alcohol & Other Drug Program is licensed by the State to recommend individuals for an occupational (also known as "hardship") drivers license. You should first check with the Department of Motor Vehicles to see if our recommendation is required.

It is important that you understand that receiving and maintaining our recommendation involves more than a one-time visit to our program. We have responsibility to continue to monitor your progress in recovery throughout the life of your occupational license.

You will be held financially responsible for your ODL services. Cost of services will be based on a standard cost of services and will be billed directly to you. We will work with you to ensure that you are able to make the payments and maintain your ODL. The Department of Motor Vehicles mandates us to do what we can, as a program, to ensure that you are not driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while you hold this license.

If you would like to seek recommendation you will need to do the following:

Enroll in our Mental Health and Alcohol & Other Drug Program. This enrollment consists of an orientation class that is for all new clients followed by an individual interview with a counselor. The counselor will gather information regarding your addiction and recover.

Information will be discussed at our staff meeting, as it is never left a single staff member to decide whether or not to make a recommendation.

There is a 45-day waiting period from the enrollment date before a recommendation can be made.

If our program decision is to recommend you for this license, we are then required to see you at least once per month to monitor your progress. Our program has a monthly Occupational License Group specifically for this purpose.

We may recommend an individual for a license with the stipulation that he/she needs to attend more than the minimal once per month group. This could include: additional groups, individual sessions, monitored attendance at 12-step meetings, or monitored antabuse.

All license holders are required to take random drug screen tests. If you are already participating in another approved alcohol and other drug treatment program we may, as an alternative, obtain your written consent to receive reports of your progress at that program.