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Benton County Public Works – Bicycle Transportation Plan

The Bicycle Transportation Plan is part of Benton County Public Work's commitment to creating a safe and connected transportation system.

Bicycle Transportation Plan Update

December 2, 2005

Benton County, through its Department of Public Works and the Bicycle Advisory Committee, is updating the Bicycle and Pedestrian element of the County Transportation System Plan (TSP). The TSP is a background document to the County Comprehensive Plan and guides in part, the development of Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities in Benton County including areas in the urban growth boundary of cities.

The Public Works Department and the County Bicycle Advisory Committee are asking for your input in the Plan update; identifying gaps in the road system and identifying areas where improvement is needed on County Roads.


The County Board of Commissioners adopted the TSP in 2001 to provide a transportation system for a twenty-year period of growth. The plan inventoried and summarized the existing and needed bicycle and pedestrian facilities at that time. Since then, few of the identified needs have yet to be completed and others have surfaced as a result of development in and around cities.

Although it is not expected that goals and philosophy of providing these facilities will change – the Plan is aggressive providing alternate modes to the Single Occupant Vehicle – the Bicycle Advisory Committee has asked that the Plan be modified to reflect today's needs.

Why Should We Care About the TSP?

Funding for nearly all-capital projects is dependant on projects being identified in the TSP. Documenting bicycle and pedestrian-related needs as potential projects helps ensure that these projects will become funded in the future.

How Can You Help?

Tell us how the road system could be improved for bicyclists. Let us know where a roadway shoulder is insufficient, where you think a traffic light is needed, where a separated bicycle and pedestrian path would improve safe and easy travel around Benton County. We'll use your comments to prioritize a list of projects for the plan to reference and some day they just might get constructed.

Current Projects

Here's the list of projects currently in the TSP:

  • Granger Ave. – Pettibone Rd. to US 20
  • Independence Hwy – Hwy 20 to Camp Adair Rd.
  • Metge Ave. – Independence Hwy to Oak Grove Rd.
  • Bellfountain Rd. – Airport Rd. to Greenberry Rd.
  • Country Club – Barley Hill Dr. to Hwy 20/34
  • Chapel Dr. – 19th St. to Bellfountain Rd.
  • 19th St. – Hwy 20/34 to Chapel Dr.
  • Hwy 99W – Dawson Rd. to Lane County Line
  • Crystal Lake Dr. – Park Ave. to 3rd St.

How to Comment

Mail your comments to:

Benton County Bicycle Advisory Committee
360 SW Avery Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97333-1192

...or submit them via e-mail.

Your input is essential to creating a safe and connected transportation system. Thanks for taking the time to help us out.

Happy riding!