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Welcome to Benton County Public Works

Current Projects & Road Conditions (Updated 12/19/14 at 12:00 PM)

South Fork Road East Bound Gravel Repair

South Fork Road is one lane of gravel in the east bound direction, at Mile Post 2.68, in South Benton County.   A large tree falling has impacted the roadway, gravel repairs have been made and final surfacing will occur when weather permits.

Hubbard Bridge Closed

After reviewing structural issues caused by age-related deterioration, the Oregon Department of Transportation’s engineers recommended closing the bridge.

The county anticipates seeking grant funding from the state to replace the bridge. The next bridge grant cycle opens in April 2015. Repairs to the bridge would cost approximately $300,000 and would keep the bridge open for 5 to 10 years. Using the same amount as a match for Oregon Department of Transportation grant funding would enable enough money to replace the bridge, which would provide 60 to 75 years of use. The total cost of replacement is anticipated to be between $3 million and $4 million.

Nearby alternate route options are available by using Old River Road and Stow Pit Road. In the event of flooding on the alternative routes, in order to permit access in and out to area residents, the bridge will be reopened temporarily to passenger vehicle traffic as necessary.

For more information, those interested can contact Benton County Public Works at 541-766-6821.

Bailey Branch Railroad:

The Union Pacific Railroad has retained a private contractor to remove rail and ties to complete their abandonment of the line from approximately Greenberry Road to Monroe and Dawson. Benton County doesn’t have direct involvement in this work but as the owner of the right of way, we will strive to keep adjacent property owners informed of the work. The contractor has provided a tentative start time of early February. If you have any question please contact the Public Works Department at 541-766-6821 and ask for Laurel Byer, Laurie Starha, or Joe Mardis.

Winter Weather Safety and Tips

Driving in winter weather can be treacherous due to freezing rain, ice and snow. Benton County Public Works is prepared to respond to whatever winter weather has in store for our community. We have a comprehensive Ice and Snow Control Operations Plan that will be immediately put into action at the first sign of bad driving conditions.

The Benton County Ice and Snow Control Operations plan abides by three main goals:
• provide county-wide access for emergency vehicles to as many routes as possible,
• maintain passable road conditions for school bus routes, and
• mitigate unsafe road conditions to the greatest extent possible.

Snow and Ice Removal Map (PDF)

Snow and Ice Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Snow and Ice Removal Policy (PDF)

Project Development

Resources and Publications

  • The Benton County Transportation System Plan (TSP) was adopted July 2001 by Ordinance 2001-0173
  • Upcoming Meetings

    The Environmental Issues Advisory Committee meets the 1st Thursday of each month, 12:00–1:30 pm, in the Avery Facility Large Conference Room and schedules at least one community forum per year.

    The Bicycle Advisory Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November, 7–9 p.m. in the Avery Facility Large Conference Room and schedules at least one community forum per year.

    The Road Advisory Committee meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7 pm, in the Avery Facility Large Conference Room and schedules at least one community forum per year.

    The Special Transportation Advisory Committee invites you to attend their meetings, which are held on the third Tuesday of each month. The meetings are scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m. and are held in the Main Meeting Room of the Corvallis/Benton County Public Library located at 645 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis, OR.