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Benton County Sheriff's Office – Jail


Benton County Jail


Physical Address:
190 NW 4th
Corvallis, OR 97339
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 788
CorJail Facility Front Entrancevallis, OR 97339
“To provide professional service and protection with honor and integrity.”


Benton County Sheriff Scott Jackson

The present Benton County Jail was built in 1976 with an original capacity of 27 offenders. The facility was originally intended to operate as a short term regional facility associated with the Oregon Department of Corrections, but instead it has been the county’s primary jail since construction. We have modernized the facility in many ways with all changes contributing to the ongoing safety and security of the inmates and staff (read more about the jail's history).

About ten years ago, there was a significant push to construct a new jail. Voters turned down a bond measure twice, but did approve a levy that would allow for the rental of jail beds in other counties. We spend about $1 million a year renting jail beds from other counties. That figure does not include transportation costs or the personnel costs for transporting inmates.

Our jail bed capacity is 80 and at times we still have to release inmates for overcrowding. However, the ability to rent jail beds in other counties has given us the ability to hold offenders accountable. That along with excellent staff has allowed us to manage our jail population in a safe, secure, and meaningful manner. Nevertheless, we have reached a point where a new jail is not just about meeting overcrowding issues, but rather a need to replace a deteriorating building that has the potential of being unsafe for deputies and inmates. (See jail status video.)

Complaints and Commendations

The Benton County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) will seriously consider and investigate all complaints of misconduct. Founded complaints may result in suspension, termination or other disciplinary action.

It is required that you completely and truthfully document any report of misconduct. This report is provided to the Sheriff or his designee for investigation.

BCSO will attempt to arrange investigative interviews at the mutual convenience of the complainant and the investigator.

If you want to file a complaint or offer commendations to the Benton County Jail, do not call the jail. Please go to the comment form and follow the directions.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Benton County Jail, while protecting the community and its citizens, is to economically operate a safe, secure and humane facility that adheres to Oregon Revised Statutes regarding corrections facility operations, the American Corrections and American Jail Associations recommendations and constitutional considerations as provided by the United States Constitution.

Jail History

The present Benton County Jail was built in 1976 with an original designed capacity of 27 offenders. It replaced the old stucco and tile jail which had served Benton County citizens since 1929. Both the Benton County Jail and the adjoining Law Enforcement Center were designed by architect Graham Braun of Vancouver, BC with citizen committee help. Read more...