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Benton County Jail – Forced Release

Forced Release

Forced release occurs when the jail can no longer accept new arrests for lodging. Benton County jail adheres to a strict classification policy to ensure safety of both staff and inmates in our jail. Classification determines an inmate's security level and therefore dictates their housing assignment.

This is why at times, even though our jail has 40 beds and maybe only 36 are full, we have to "Force Release" inmates in order to vacate the appropriate bed with the appropriate security level. Forced Releases are conducted according to policy and by utilizing the matrix score that was determined when the inmate was booked in. Inmates can be "kicked out" who are either pretrial or sentenced. If a sentenced inmate is Force Released prior to their release date, they are released "sentence served." They do not return to serve the remainder of their sentence. Over the last three years, (2011-2013) the Benton County Jail force released 187 inmates.

2015 Forced Releases

2014 Forced Release


The Matrix Score System

Inmate in Jail Corridor In 1990, Benton County voters twice rejected funding measures to build a 50-bed minimum security restitution center as an adjunct to the county jail. In 1992, local criminal justice system personally designed the Matrix Score System to guide inmate release decisions.

As offenders enter the Benton County Jail, others are released to make room. The Matrix Score System provides objectivity in this critical process.

Our matrix scoring system helps us determine who stays and who goes. The matrix score is based on individuals past criminal history, the current charges, whether or not they are employed, if they are on supervised parole or probation as well as several other factors.

The score that is determined in this process then determines whether that individual will be released on their own recognizance or if they will remain in custody.

2015 Matrix and Cite Release

2014 Matrix and Cite Release


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