Benton County, Oregon

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Benton County Emergency Services – Search & Rescue Missions


2010 - 21 missions

2011 - 31 missions

2012 - 47 missions

2013 - 34 missions
2014 - 38 missions


Mission Age / Sex
06/21/15 Polk Missing Person 67 / Male Search for a missing suicidal man. Found deceased.
05/07/15 Benton Water Recovery NA Man drove vehicle into river in suicide attempt. Marine Patrol checked to see that no other injured or deceased were inside. No one inside
04/24/15 Linn Locate NA Assisted Linn County to locate a downed airplane Found
04/12/15 Linn Rescue turned Recovery 52 / Male Hiker falls while taking pictures at Tamolich Pool (also known as Blue Pool) Body recovered
11/1/14 Benton Missing Person 50 / Male Son reported missing after he didn't return from riding his ATVon logging roads when expected. Self Rescued
10/31/14 Benton Lost Person 32 / Female She was separated from group mountain biking and came out the opposite side of the hill. Found Safe
09/22/14 Benton Water Rescue 59 Male, 54,18 Female Canoe overturned and one hiked out to call for help. Rescued
09/05/14 Benton Fire NA Large grass fire on Timberhill. Put Out
09/03/14 Benton/CPD Missing Person 12 / Male Did not get of the bus after school. Missed the bus, tried walking home and got lost. Found his way back to school. Found Safe Hiding
08/30/14 Benton/CPD Missing Person 47 / Female Woman with bipolar disorder reported missing by her sister. Found Safe
08/14/14 Benton Evidence Search NA Search for a cell phone thrown by a suspect during a drug bust along the Long Tom River bank. Located
08/09/14 Benton Missing Person 68 / Female Son reported mother who is on disability, cant swim and intoxicated went to the Alsea River with a floatation device and no one has seen her since. Found Safe
08/05/14 Benton Missing Person 15 / Female Runaway from the Farm Home and a suicide risk located by a Deputy. Found
08/04/14 Benton Lost Person 36 / Male Intoxicated male without a floatation device swept downstream trying to swim from Super 8 Motel to Trysting Tree Golf course Rescued
08/04/14 Benton Lost Persons 54/Male 50/Female Floaters reported overdue but was only a miscommunication off where they were getting off the river. Found Safe
08/03/14 Benton Missing Person 24 / Male Slipped off his intertub on the river at the Crystal Lake Boat Ramp. Divers recovered his body from the bottom of the river. Found Deceased
08/02/14 Benton Lost Person 44, 8 Male Overdue floaters got off the river in the dark and walked to Hwy 20. Deputy picked them up and transported to their vehicle Rescued
07/21/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 12 / Female Called parents from Gracewinds to pick her up.  She was gone when they got there.  Found 90 mins later behind Gracewinds. Found Safe
07/19/14 Benton Lost Persons 59/Male, 59/Female Received call from victims reporting they were stranded on the bank of the Willamette River. Rescued
07/19/14 Benton Water Recovery 60/ Male Victim appeared to have drowned after capsizing his canoe against a log jam. Found Deceased
07/17/14 Benton Water Rescue 34 / Male Extremely intoxicated male swimming in the river fighting the current.  Taken to jail for disorderly conduct II. Rescued / Arrested
07/17/14 Benton Water Rescue 49 / Female Floated into a log jam and her raft was stuck under a log. Transported to nearby gravel bar and reunited with her group. Rescued
07/16/14 Benton Lost Persons/Water Rescue 31/Male, 27,20/Female Three overdue rafters attempted to walk out on the bank. One transported to hospital with a leg injury. Rescued
07/12/14 Benton Water Rescue 7 / Female & Dad Father capsized and became stuck on a log jam and his daughter was on a separate inner tube floating past him towards the same log jam. Marine patrol safely pushed her out of the path of it and picked her up and the dad. Rescued.
07/12/14 Benton Water Rescue 27 / Female Capsized raft on a long jam, female transported to the Jefferson boat ramp. Rescued
07/12/14 Benton Water Rescue 19 / Female Girl clinging to a log after being ejected from her kayak Rescued
07/11/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 82 / Female Subject with dementia went for a walked around the block and didn't return Found Safe
07/05/14 Benton Water Rescue 50/Male, 35/Female Report of a capsized raft, two found and one taken in for outstanding warrants. Rescued / Arrested
07/05/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 51 / Male Three on boat that flipped and one got swept away. Found Safe
07/02/14 Benton Missing Person 28 / Female One of three floaters went off swimming and separated from the others and they reported her missing an hour later. Found Safe
06/30/14 Benton Lost Persons 16, 17 / Female Kayakers called 911 and said they were lost.  Marine patrol located and transported them to their destination point. Found Safe
06/20/14 Benton Missing Person 24 / Female Subject had a history of suicidal attempts. A cell phone text to a friend indicated she was going to try again. Found Deceased
06/19/14 Benton Missing Person 65 / Female Women with dementia wandered away from her home. Found Safe
06/18/14 Benton Missing Persons 32, 15, 10, 8, 1 Mother and her 4 children got lost hiking in McDonald Forrest Found Safe
06/07/14 Benton Water Rescue 23 / Female Raft capsized on a log jam and stranded in the water Rescued
06/07/14 Benton Water Rescue 37, 13/F, 11/M Raft capsized on a log jam and stranded in the water Rescued
06/07/14 Benton Water Rescue 30/M, 19/F Raft capsized on a log jam and stranded in the water Rescued
06/07/14 Benton Water Rescue 32, 4/M, 23, 5/F Raft capsized on a log jam and stranded in the water Rescued
06/07/14 Benton Water Rescue 44 / Male Raft capsized on a log jam and stranded in the water Rescued
06/05/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 3 / Female Mother found her daughter under the van. Found Safe
05/26/14 Jefferson Missing Person 62 / Male Fell into the Metolius river while fishing and drowned. Found Deceased
05/24/14 Benton Horse Rescue N/A A horse fell in a deep bog of water and couldn't get out. The Sheriff's Posse pulled it out safely. Rescued
05/23/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 8 / Male Child with down syndrome found in the neighbors house. Found Safe
05/17/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 17 / Female Father reported his daughter unaccounted for. Found Safe
05/16/14 Benton Evidence Search N/A Search for a wallet belonging to a man killed after crashing his motorcycle Located
04/29/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 26 / Female Mental health patient went for a supervised walk and ended up going off on her own Found Safe
04/28/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 9 / Male Son riding his bicycle was supposed to check in every 15 minutes and has been gone over an hour now. Found Safe
04/24/14 Lincoln Missing Person 26 / Male Vehicle rolled off a looging road and he attempted to walk out for help. Found Safe
04/24/14 Benton / CPD Missing Persons 12 & 11 / Female  Father reported daughter and friend missing from school Found Safe
04/14/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 10 / Male Left on his bike while his mom was asleep.  Called his mom from a Subway store and later released to his dad. Found Safe
04/13/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 20 / Female Did not return home after going to see her ex-boyfriend who had previously theartend her life. Found Safe
04/10/14 Benton Missing Person 59 / Male Man in bad health did not return home after work. Found Safe
04/04/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 6 / Male Child found on the sidewalk in pajamas by a passerby, Mom came out of apartment and took him home. Found Safe
03/30/14 Benton / CPD Missing Child 7 / Male Located sleeping in a closet under his stuffed animals. Found Safe
03/21/14 Benton / CPD Mising Person 50 / Male Has dementia missing from an adult day center. Found Safe
03/18/14 Benton Missing Person 52 / Male Tried to fake his own suicide and ended up turning himself in. Found Safe
03/14/14 Benton Missing Children 5 &6 / Male Wandered away from their residence.  Located 100 yards in a wooded area. Found Safe
02/21/14 Benton Missing Person 2 / Female Found at the end of a street with a bottle.  Mom located him. Found Safe
02/16/14 Benton Investigate object N/A Object down an embankment thought to be a truck.  CMRU rappeld down and discovered it was just an old canopy. Item identified
02/12/14 Benton / CPD Missing Child 3 / Male Crossed the street to get candy at the store. Found Safe
02/11/14 Benton Missing Person 35 / Male Man late for work reported missing.  Helo spotted him on a snowy road which was blocked ahead and turned him around. Found Sate
02/06/14 Benton / CPD Missing Peson 26 / Female A woman was unable to locate her sister and baby, last seen going for a walk in the snow.  Found at home in bed.  Found Safe
02/02/14 Benton / CPD Missing Person 51 / Female Daughter reported that her mother did not make it home from work.  She goat a motel room due to bad weather conditions. Found Safe
12/11/13 Benton Rescue Transport N/A Vehicle transportation for doctors and non-emergency patients during snow event. 47 total Delivered Safe
11/25/13 Benton / CPD Missing Person 56 / Male Dementia patient new to the Corvallis area found in Junction City. Found Safe
11/25/13 Lane Missing Person 83 / Male Missing dementia patient found safe in a closet of his facility. Found Safe
11/10/13 Lincoln Missing Person 66 / Male Hunter with dementia was confused about where he parked his car and unfamiliar with the area. Found Safe
11/04/13 Benton Missing Person 64 / Male Wife not able to contact husband with medical condition working in Virginia. Concerned citizen found him partially clothed. Found Safe
11/02/13 Benton Missing Person 88 / Female Became disoriented walking in her neighborhood feeding stray cats. Found Safe
10/25/13 Polk Missing Person 41 / Male His vehicle was located at Mill Creek Park.  We walked out on his own Found Safe
10/06/13 Benton Evidence Search N/A Find missing items from a car burglary at Alsea Falls Nothing Found
09/02/13 Benton Missing Person 26/Female Located and returned to sister who will get her some help. Found Safe
08/30/13 Benton Missing Person 77/Male Located with family members later on same day in Salem. Found Safe
08/05/13 Benton Water Rescue 42/M, 43, 47/F Misjudged how long it takes to float from Corvallis to Hyak Park. Called for help when it got dark, cold and late. Rescued
08/02/13 Linn Water Rescue 19/Male Search Green Peter Reservoir for male who fell off a cliff into the water. Found Deceased
07/30/13 Benton Water Rescue 33/Female Kayaker could not paddle against the current so decided to go with it until help came. Rescued
07/28/13 Benton Missing Persons 39/Male, 47/Female Floaters separated on the river. Two of them exited the river and were found walking down the Hwy. Found Safe
07/27/13 Benton Missing Persons N/A Eight hikers at Alsea Falls took a wrong turn but were able to walk out on their own. Found Safe
07/21/13 Benton Water Rescue 8/Male Kayak capsized in fast moving water. Marine Deputy pulled him on to his boat and returned him to his family Rescued
07/20/13 Linn Land Rescue 64/Male Climber fell and landed in a crevasse on Mt. Jefferson. Mountain Rescue and the National Guard lifted him out Rescued
07/13/13 Benton Water Rescue 29, 31/Females

Fell off raft and clinging to a branch in the river. Marine Deputy's pulled them to safety.

06/23/13 Clackamas Missing Person 59/Male Lost climber on Mt. Hood. Found Deceased
06/07/13 Benton Lost Person 62/Female Hiking on Mary's Peak and called 911 to say she was lost but eventually found her way back to the car Safe
05/26/13 Benton Missing Person 12/Male Mother reported son missing but he was just riding his bike in the park and returned home. Found Safe
05/24/13 Polk Missing Person 31/Male Women reported her boyfriend did not come home. Located by a friend on Bald Mountain. Found Deceased
05/20/13 Benton Beacon Search N/A Beacon going off in S. Corvallis Found
05/11/13 Benton Missing Person ?/Male Mountain biking on Marys Peak separated from group Found Safe
05/11/13 Benton Crisis Support N/A Crisis support team activated to counsel SAR members who recovered a body. Complete
05/11/13 Linn Recovery 21/Male Drowned at Blue Pool after diving into the water. Recovered
05/09/13 Polk Missing Person ?/Male Missing Logger Found Safe
04/29/13 Benton Missing Person 6/Female Found in her house sleeping in a corner Found Safe
03/30/13 Clackamas Missing Person 23/Female Lost hiker on Mt. Hood. She spent 7 days on the mountain until she was found.  Found Alive
03/19/13 Benton Missing Person 13/Male Mother reported son missing but he just got on the wrong school bus. Found Safe
03/18/13 Benton Missing Persons 21/Female, 27/Male Called dispatch to report they were lost in McDonald Forest. Found Safe
03/05/13 Benton Rescue N/A 3 adults and 2 small children in multiple vehicles stuck in snow on Marys Peak. Rescued
02/08/13 Benton Evidence Search N/A Tracking Unit called to track direction of travel robber fled the market Tracks found
01/30/13 Hawaii Missing Person 47/Male Benton County resident lost while hiking in Hawaii Found Safe
01/26/13 Benton Missing Person 32/Male Hiker lost in McDonald forest Found Safe
12/5/12 Skamania Missing Person 60 / Female Missing mushroom hunter in Washington State Still Missing
11/27/12 Benton Missing Person 27 / Female Truck got stuck in the mud on a logging road. Found Safe
11/21/12 Polk Missing Person 60 / Male Mushroom picker lost in Kings Valley Hwy County Line area Found Safe
11/19/12 Benton Beacon Search N/A Beacon was thrown away and owner thought he had disabled it. Signal Stopped
11/11/12 Benton Missing Person 56 / Male Mushroom picker lost in the area of North Ridge Trailhead on Marys Peak Found Safe
10/30/12 Benton Missing Person 59 / Female Victim called dispatch to report she was lost. Found Safe
10/29/12 Clackamas Missing Persons 16/17 Males Hikers missing from Molalla River Corridor Table Rock, Lost creek meadow area Found Safe
10/28/12 Benton Missing Person 59/65 Males Citizen helping lost hunter reported missing by wife. Found Safe
10/25/12 Benton Missing Person 7 / Male Boy slipped out back door and found walking alone on Gellatly Way. Found Safe
10/23/12 Benton Missing Person 50 / Female Reported missing by husband but was actually not missing just in Salem. Found Safe
10/4/12 Yamhill Missing Person 24 / Male Last seen at friends residence. Has seizures and left without medication. Still Missing
10/2/12 Benton Missing Person 18 / Male Mother reported son had not been seen since he left her house Missing
9/29/12 Benton Missing Persons 17 / Female Lost hunting in the woods. She walked approx. 10 miles out of the woods. Self Rescue
9/25/12 Benton Missing Person 28, 7/M, 3/F Did not return home from ATVing in the forest. Found Safe
9/15/12 Benton Evidence Search N/A Trackers called out to locate a camp and/or person(s) trespassing on private land. Located & Arrested
9/14/12 Lane Missing Person 74 / Female Camping at Waldo Lake and found her in the water. Found Deceased
9/09/12 Linn Missing Person 60 / Female Search for missing kayaker on Calapooia River near Brownsville Found Safe
9/01/12 Benton Missing Child 5 / Male Family on bike outing became separated. Found Safe
8/30/12 Benton Animal Neglect 30 / Mare Investigation of a emaciated horse.  Discovered it had cancer and no teeth. Put Down
8/25/12 Benton Missing Person 14 / Male Wandered away from family picnic in Alsea Found Safe
8/19/12 Benton Missing Person 46 / Female Search for horseback rider, self-rescued Found Safe
8/13/12 Benton Water Rescue 62 / Female Kayak flipped and victim needed ride back to river landing Rescued
8/13/12 Benton Missing Person 30 / Male Mother reported autistic son overdue from hitchhiking to an event in The Dalles. Found Safe
8/12/12 Benton Evidence Search N/A Search crime scene for evidence at shooting site Neutral
8/09/12 Marion Missing Person 52 / Male Separated from party while hiking near Mt. Jefferson Still Missing
8/03/12 Linn Missing Person 61 / Male Went fishing and reported overdue by wife. Found Deceased
8/03/12 Benton Lost Person

26 / Female

32 / Male

Stranded on shore after raft deflated. Marine patrol picked up and returned to boat ramp. Safe
7/21/12 Linn Medical Rescue 21 / Female Injured back diving into Blue Pool on McKenzie River. Picked up by Black Hawk helicopter and taken to hospital, treated & released Rescued
7/20/12 Benton Missing Person 26 / Female Ran away from parents, is bipolar and has attempted suicide. Search called off after contact texting her cell. Didn’t want to be found. Found Safe
6/29/12 Benton Missing Person 22 / Female Girl was let out of car at an unknown location in the early morning. All highly intoxicated and couldn't remember where she was left. Found Safe
5/21/12 Linn Missing Persons 22, 5 / Males Fell down cliff into the Santiam River while fishing 2 Deceased
5/12/12 Benton Missing Person Female Racer in 50K ultra marathon left race and thought to be missing on forest trail system. Found at home in Portland. Found Safe
5/07/12 Lincoln Missing Persons 28, 59 / Males Canoe broken and two men were lost and trying to walk out. Found Safe
4/08/12 Polk Missing Persons 22 / Female Mother reported her daughter missing. She was on drugs and didn’t want to be found. Located her at the Peacock Tavern days later and returned home. Found Safe
4/02/12 Benton Animal Rescue 10 / Mare Posse seized a malnutritioned horse Recovering
Benton Animal Rescue 20 / Gelding Posse seized a malnutritioned horse Recovering
3/17/12 Benton Missing child 5 / Male Inside home sleeping behind a chair Found Safe
3/13/12 Benton Evidence Search N/A Tracking unit called upon for evidence search. Nothing Found
3/10/12 Benton Missing Person 24 / Male Search the river for body of suicide person Partial recovery
03/10/12 Benton Animal Rescue 22 / Stallion Remove emaciated horse from owner out of town until May Recovering
02/12/12 Linn Missing Person Male Reported missing by wife Found Safe
02/11/12 Linn Missing Person 62 / Female Walked away from home after a domestic argument Found Safe
02/06/12 Clackamas Missing Person 31 / Male Lost climber on Mt. Hood Found Deceased
01/28/12 Benton Missing Person 18 / Male Lost in Mac-Dunn forest after participating in a fraternity hazing Found Safe
01/12/2012 Benton Recovery  N/A Locate lost beacon at the dump Still Missing
01/08/2012 Benton Missing Person 58 / Male Lost bicyclist Found Safe
11/13/2011 Polk Recovery 32 / Male Elk hunter shot by accident Body Recovered
Missing Person
71 / Male
Hunter - Twin Lakes area
Still Missing
Missing Person
27 / Male
Elk hunter lost on Moose Mountain
Missing Person
26 / Male
Mushroom picker
Missing Person
47 / Female
Car found parked at Mt. Hood National Forest
Found Deceased
Missing Person 56/Male
Father of murder suspect found
Evidence Search 19 / Male
Car was highjacked, found on Marys Peak Road
Missing Person
21 / Male
Body found by land owners on Hurlburt Road
Evidence Search N/A Report of persons unloading a black plastic bag the size of a body out of a car's trunk
Nothing Found
Missing Person
45 / Male
Car found at Foster Lake
Water Rescue Male Swimmer needed help out of water
Water Rescue Male Boaters flipped and lost paddles. Camped out and called for help the next day
Missing Person
  Lost child found before search started
Found Safe
Missing Person
49 / Male
Car was left by Calapooia River
Still Missing
Water Rescue
Capsized kayak on Santiam River
Water Rescue
Floater became scared, marine deputies gave her a ride to boat ramp
Found Safe
Evidence Search
N/A Item thrown in bushes after traffic stop on hwy 99W
Nothing Found
Evidence Search
N/A Gun thrown into bushes at a residence in Lewisburg
Missing Persons
  Two hikers missing on Mt. Adams
Missing Person
Walked away from car wreck on Harland Road.
Found Safe
Missing Person
Overdue kayakers walked out on own at Marys River bridge on Hwy 20   Found Safe
6/19/2011 Lane Missing Person 53/Female Hunting for truffles, car and dog found at Cummings Ridge Trail Still Missing
Missing Person
Man with Alzheimer's walked away from home
Found Safe
Water Rescue Male
Dog was caught in a downed tree in the river and owner was trying to rescue. Both pulled onto marine boat and returned to shore
6/13/2011 Marion Missing Person 23/Male Lost hiker on Mt. Jefferson Rescued
Missing Person
2nd search for her body
Still Missing
2/21/2011 Clackamas
Missing Person
Missing snow boarder on Mt. Hood
Found Deceased
Missing Person
Missing snow boarder on Mt. Shasta
Found Deceased
Missing Person
Mentally challenged male walked away from home.
Found Safe
Missing Person
Homicide victim dumped in the river above Detroit Lake. Still Missing
Benton Water Rescue Male Willamette River near Kiger Island, broken down boat w/5 people on board