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Benton County Law Enforcement – Teams & Programs

Crash Investigations Team

In 1987 the Benton County Sheriff's Office formed a four-member Crash Investigation Team. The members were selected from the Criminal/Patrol Division. Shortly thereafter, the department gained the services of a chaplain, who now serves as an integral part of this team.

In 2001 the Sheriff's Office entered into an agreement with other agencies to participate in a multi-agency traffic crash team in an effort to expand the training and investigative resources. All participating agencies are responsible for individual membership qualifications and participation level on this multi-agency team. The agencies included in the agreement are the Benton County Sheriff's Office, Corvallis Police Department, Philomath Police Department, Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Transportation, Albany Police Department, Benton County and City of Corvallis Public Works Departments.

Contact person: Sgt. David Peterson, 541-766-6858. Send e-mail

Marine Services Unit

This seasonal patrol works from March to the end of October. The patrol area is the Willamette River from Harrisburg north to Buena Vista and the Santiam River as far east as Lebanon. They conduct boat examinations, assist stranded boaters, make rescues, search for overdue boaters, promote water safety and enforce all state marine laws. Marine deputies also conduct public education activities at boat shows and fairs regarding laws and regulations of safe boating. Read more...

Contact person: Sgt. Toby Bottorff, 541-766-6858 for Hull Identification Number Inspections. Send e-mail

Major Crime Team

This is a team of experienced investigators from all law enforcement agencies in Benton County who are called in for homicides, kidnappings, serial rapes and other major felonies. Members have special training in major case management, and advanced interrogation and interview techniques. In addition, the Sheriff's Office maintains a mobile communications van containing radios, cellular telephones, generator, portable computer and excellent command post at crime scenes.

Contact person: Captain Greg Ridler, 541-766-6858.Send e-mail

Marijuana Eradication

This small, highly specialized unit is responsible for the detection, identification, interdiction and eradication of marijuana. Deputies utilize various types of sophisticated equipment, aerial platforms and special tactics to perform their duties. Prosecution of marijuana growers is a priority of this unit.

Contact person: Deputy Ben Drongesen, Send e-mail

Forest/Rural Patrol

The Benton County Sheriff's Office Forest/Rural Patrol Program began January 1, 1993. It focuses on theft of timber and forest by-products, detection of illicit drug operations on forest lands and many other issues important to land owners and forest area users. This program is funded through a private/public partnership. Read more...

Contact person: Deputy Brent Iverson, 541-766-6858. Send e-mail

Animal Control

Benton County Animal Control is committed to promoting and protecting the welfare, health and well being of both animals and people living in our community. That is accomplished by enforcing Benton County Animal Code and the State of Oregon Animal Control Laws. Read more...

Contact person: Animal Control Program Manager Erica O'Neill, 541-766-6789. Send e-mail

Patrol Reserves

The volunteer works in the Patrol Division under the direction of various program supervisors. Duties may include:

  • Contact with crime victims
  • Compiling and evaluating crime incident information
  • Research projects
  • Exposure to all aspects of law enforcement
  • Data entry

The Reserve Deputy program is coordinated in conjunction with the Benton County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division. The reserve applicant goes through a screening process similar to that of a Deputy Sheriff applicant. The Reserve Deputy is commissioned as a special deputy and may perform such duties as:

  • Assisting deputies in routine patrol
  • Crowd control at special events
  • Being on call for assistance in event of emergencies
  • Security check of vacant homes and businesses
  • Transporting prisoners

Reserve Application Form (PDF)
Benton County Volunteer Application (PDF)