Benton County, Oregon

Making Benton County a Better Place to Live
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Benton County Sheriff's Office – K-9 Unit


BusIn the fall of 2005, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) was able to secure a grant from the Willamette Criminal Justice Council (WCJC).

This grant provided funding for the purchase of a drug dog and provided training for the dog and the handler in a 5-week narcotic detection class.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office purchased a 1½ year old German Shepherd dog named BUS (pronounced Boos) in mid November 2005. Bus and Deputy Weikel

Deputy Weikel was selected to be K-9 Bus' partner. Their partnership has been unbreakable ever since.

The K-9 unit patrols Benton County in a specialized SUV that meets every need so the K-9 unit can perform their duty at a high professional level. The surrounding agencies from neighboring counties don’t hesitate to call Deputy Weikel and K-9 Bus to track and locate suspects or to search for narcotics. The Benton County Sheriff’s K-9 unit is a valuable tool that this Sheriff’s Office needs to deter crime.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit is a disciplined and highly trained team that is deployed to help the residents of Benton County.

BUS K-9 Certifications

Bus During TrainingDeputy Weikel and K-9 Bus trained at Riverside California for a 5-week narcotics training class. K-9 Bus was trained to detect the odor of marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine.

Upon return to Oregon, Deputy Weikel and K-9 Bus passed the Oregon Police Canine Association (OPCA) standards test.

Bus in a ClassroomAfter a year of working as a Narcotics Detection Dog, several local businesses and individuals made generous contributions to BCSO to allow this team to attend a 6-week Patrol Dog training course in Eugene Oregon.

In the K-9 Patrol class, Bus was highly trained in obedience work, tracking, searching for hidden persons, and handler protection. After dominating this training, K-9 Bus passed the OPCA Patrol Dog Standards Test. K-9 Bus currently holds dual OPCA certificates as a crossed-trained Patrol and Narcotics Detection Dog.