2040 Background & Resources

The links below are provided as a One-Stop Shop of the foundational documents of the 2040 Thriving Communities Initiative and the many parallel activities, policies, and initiatives going on Countywide.

2040 Initiative & Related Resolutions & Policies
2040 Thriving Communities Initiative Resolution
Benton County Sustainability Policy

Previous Benton County Visioning & Mission Statements
1995 Benton County Strategic Plan
2014 Commissioners' Community Planning Sessions

Municipal/Community Visioning & Comprehensive Plans
Imagine Corvallis 2040
Benton County Rural Unincorporated Community Plans

County Comprehensive & Policy Plans
Benton County Comprehensive Plan (2007) 
Community Health Assessment (2017)
Community Health Assessment (2012)
Community Health Improvement Plan (2013-18)
Natural Areas & Parks System Comprehensive Plan (2012)
County/Regional Transportation System Plans

Data Sources, Reports, Demographics, & Projections
Oregon Explorer/Communities Reporter
State of the Region (Oregon Cascades West COG)
Willamette Water 2100