Community Indicators

In 2018, the 2040 Council identified five Core Values {link} predicated on Health and Equity from an 18-month, two-phased public engagement campaign. The Core Values are those elements and principles our communities most cherish and sustain for the future. Further, Benton County developed and adopted the FY21-23 Budget {link} in line with the Core Values. But action is not enough, as we must be able to track progress to ensure we are in fact moving in the correct direction.

The Community Indicators project seeks to track our success in ensuring our communities’ Core Values. The project is in partnership with Oregon State University, which provides and houses the data and imagery. Metrics were identified, discussed, and selected using the following guiding principles:

  • Innovative Measurements: Metrics were chosen based on academic research that suggests multiple impacts or topics. That is, metrics like Child Abuse and Positive Youth Development are affected my multiple socio-economic factors, which in turn requires multi-faceted efforts.
  • Focus on Equity: Just as with Equity being a foundational issue in the communities’ Core Values, Equity was at the forefront of selecting metrics. Measures were identified or fine-tuned to capture impacts that disproportionally affect at-risk or disenfranchised communities.
  • Data Integrity: All metrics are either captured from respected and verifiable federal and state data, or are developed within the County that is also based on verifiable data.

To see the Indicators, simply click on the ‘+’ icons under a Core Value on the left. Though, some metrics do address multiple Core Values.