Public Engagement & Results

Phase 1 Public Engagement
From late summer of 2016 through spring of 2017, the 2040 Thriving Communities Council & Benton County staff scheduled and participated in several public engagement efforts, including Listening Sessions, online surveys, and reviewing community plans. The goal was to gain public input on what people like about Benton County, what communities want the County be like by 2040, and how do we all get there. The result was getting about 9,000 comments from 3,400 people. For more information about Phase 1 and the results, you can review the following documents: 
     * Phase 1 Public Engagement Factsheet
     * Phase 1 Public Engagement Results Overview

Phase 1 Report Outs
At the conclusion of Phase 1, 2040 Council members and staff scheduled 6 Report Outs throughout the County: Adair Village, Corvallis (2), Philomath, Alsea, and Monroe. The presentations provided an overview of the Phase 1 process and results. As the presentations were almost identical, you can review PowerPoint slides here:
     * Corvallis Phase 1 Report Out
     * Monroe Phase 1 Report Out

Phase 2 Public Re-engagement Process
A core message of the Phase 1 Listening Sessions & online surveys was that the 2040 Council and staff would go back and re-engage the public to ensure the Core Values identified from the responses were appropriate. So, we are currently undertaking the Phase 2 Re-engagement process to gain the public's perspectives on the 5 Core Values based on Health & Equity for everyone, suggestions on potential strategies & goals to ensure the Values, and input on how to measure progress. You can review the Core Values here