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The Benton County Agriculture and Wildlife Protection Program (AWPP) funds a merit-based, cost share, reimbursement grant program.

Agricultural operations in Benton County that wish to prevent conflicts with wildlife may qualify for up to $5,000 in reimbursement grant funds for the purchase of proactive non-lethal wildlife deterrents to protect livestock and crops.

The AWPP grant program requires an application for non-lethal wildlife deterrent reimbursement funds.  Applications must be received by Sunday, April 15, 2018, 5:00 PM.  All grant applications will be evaluated by the AWPP Committee and reviewed by county officials.  Successful applicants will be notified of the amount awarded by April 30, 2018.  Successful applicants may then purchase the approved deterrents and submit a reimbursement request form and receipts to the county office.  A check for up to the amount awarded in the name of the applicant is then issued.  Successful applicants are required to keep project records, report conflicts, evaluate their project, and abide by program restrictions.

Who is Eligible for Grant Funding?

Agricultural operations in Benton County, of any size, on leased or owned land, that are anticipating or have experienced conflicts with wildlife may apply for reimbursement funds.  Commercial and hobby or lifestyle farms are eligible to apply.  Though your non-lethal deterrents project must be located in Benton County, it is not necessary to be a resident of Benton County to apply.  You must plan to raise livestock or crops at your non-lethal deterrents project location(s) for at least one year to be eligible to receive grant funds.

What is Eligible for Grant Funding?

Non-lethal wildlife deterrent equipment, devices, and housing which proactively protect livestock and /or crops are eligible for funding.  Examples of non-lethal deterrents include, but are not limited to: guardian animals, certain types of fencing, birthing sheds, visual and acoustic scare devices, and flow devices such as beaver pond levelers.

Non-selective lethal wildlife control methods such as traps, snares, calling-and-shooting, denning (killing animals in their burrows or dens – usually with poisons), or poisons are not reimbursable, or allowed, under this program.

Reimbursement funds can only be applied to new purchases made after the grant award date.  Retroactive costs or purchases made prior to the grant award date will not be allowed.

Examples of reimbursable equipment, devices, and housing are given in the grant application.

How Much Grant Funding is Available?

The AWPP includes $30,000 for the cost share reimbursement grant program.  Each applicant may request up to $5,000 in reimbursement grant funds.  If program participation is high, partial awards may be necessary based on fund availability.

Download Grant Program Documents:

Please download and complete the appropriate fillable form(s) below and submit via email to: AWPP@Co.Benton.OR.US

Blank form(s) may also be printed, completed, and mailed to: Laurie Starha, Director, Benton County Natural Areas & Parks, 360 SW Avery Ave., Corvallis, OR  97321

You may also fax your printed form(s) to Laurie Starha at: 541-766-6891

Forms for Grant Applicants:

AWPP Grant Application Form 2018 [PDF] – form to be completed by all grant applicants.
AWPP Grant Application Additional Site Form 2018 [PDF] – additional grant application form for applicants with more than one non-lethal deterrents project site.

Forms for Grant Recipients:

AWPP Record Keeping Form 2018 [PDF] - a form for grant recipients to record wildlife conflict and deterrent events.

AWPP Project Evaluation Report Form 2018 [PDF] – for non-lethal deterrents grant recipients to evaluate the effectiveness of their non-lethal deterrents project.

If you have a question regarding non-lethal wildlife deterrents, our granting process, or anything else related to the Program, please use the contact form below or send an email to the Benton County AWPP at: AWPP@Co.Benton.OR.US