Resources for Grant Recipients


Requesting Reimbursement

If you have completed your project, you must contact us to schedule a site visit to confirm installation of your non-lethal deterrents. Please call (541-766-6293) or email ( us to schedule a site visit by the AWPP Coordinator.

Once the site visit is completed, you may submit a completed W9 form and a Check Request Form to request reimbursement:

W9 Form - Please complete a W9 form and submit along with your reimbursement request.

Check Request Form - Please complete this form and include matching copies of ALL receipts for purchases and expenses you wish to receive reimbursement for. The AWPP can only provide reimbursement for expenses approved during your application review that have matching itemized receipts.

You may only request reimbursement for approved purchases made after your project has been selected for award. Prior purchases do not qualify for award and projects may only be reimbursed for approved purchases within the original award amount. We cannot reimburse for labor costs.


Reporting Forms for Grant Recipients

AWPP grant recipients are required to submit an annual Project Evaluation Form and Record Keeping Form so to assess the effectiveness of your non-lethal deterrents and any losses or damage during the project period.

AWPP Record Keeping Form 2022 [PDF] - a form for grant recipients to record wildlife conflict and deterrent events.

AWPP Project Evaluation Report Form 2022 [PDF] – for non-lethal deterrents grant recipients to evaluate the effectiveness of their project.

Blank form(s) may also be printed, completed, and mailed to:

Sheanna Steingass
Benton County AWPP
360 SW Avery Ave
Corvallis, OR  97333

If you have a question regarding non-lethal wildlife deterrents, our granting process, or anything else related to the Program, please use our website contact form or send an email to the Benton County AWPP at: