The Corvallis-Albany Path Project

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For more than a decade, Benton County has sought a way to connect Albany and Corvallis for pedestrians and bicyclists. In early 2015, the County went back to the drawing board after consideration of a path on exclusive farm use land along Highway 20 was abandoned and State grant funds were returned.

At the first Benton County Board of Commissioners meeting of 2017, the commissioners authorized staff to proceed with Phase 2 of a public process that will analyze all possible path locations between North Corvallis and North Albany generally within the Highway 20 corridor.

Phase 3 is moving forward! In 2019, the Board of Commissioners urged staff to coordinate with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) during design of the Highway 20 Safety Projects.  The County wants to ensure the path is compatible with ODOT's future improvements.  

Corvallis-Albany Path: Conifer to Merloy is the first segment along the chosen alignment that the County is actively moving forward on since this is also a location of a planned safety project on Highway 20.  Please follow the link on the project title for more detailed information.

Bicycling Children

The Corvallis-Albany Bikeway project has been divided into a 3 phased approach. The 1st phase identified the need and potential for use. The 2nd phase will assess the possible routes to narrow the options to 1. And the 3rd phase will focus on preliminary engineering of the bikeway along the selected route.

The Final Two Routes

Several options were identified as potential routes for the final bikeway path.

The stakeholder group recommended the Highway 20 Route move forward to Phase 3.

The stakeholder group recommended the rural route be placed in the TSP.

The County Board directed staff to move to Phase 3 on June 6, 2017.

To see what the public response was, go to the following link