Benton County Fire Restrictions starting Saturday in response to fire danger

Check your local fire restrictions
Friday, August 11, 2023

Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on August 12, 2023, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) will elevate the fire danger level for Benton County to Extreme. The Benton County Fire Defense Board has taken proactive measures to address this heightened risk by implementing a series of fire restrictions.

In alignment with the ODF's assessment, the Benton County Fire Defense Board has announced restrictions on all open fires, including the prohibition of recreational and cooking fires originating from open fire pits that utilize wood or charcoal. This does not include gas-fired barbeques.

“The decision to enact these restrictions is in direct response to the anticipated heat dome that is expected to prevail over the coming weekend and throughout the week. The Benton County Fire Defense Board will adhere to ODF's lead and uphold these limitations as long as the extreme fire danger persists,” said Philomath Fire & Rescue Public Information Officer Rich Saalsaa.

Restricting open fires is a critical component in managing local resources effectively. The Benton County Fire Defense Board and ODF West Oregon District are diligently increasing staffing levels to ensure swift response capabilities in case of any fire outbreak within the region.

“Given the heightened fire risk, it is imperative that all individuals exercise extreme caution when dealing with fire-related activities, towing (chains), and recreational pursuits. Pacific Power has also cautioned about potential selective grid shutdowns to preempt transmission line issues, particularly in high-temperature and windy conditions,” said Ben Janes, Benton County Fire Defense Board Chief.

The Oregon Department of Forestry and Benton County Fire Defense Board urges the community to stay informed, comply with implemented restrictions, and remain vigilant to mitigate the risk of fire incidents. Stay up to date by visiting the Oregon Department of Forestry’s restrictions and closures.

Community members can also sign up for emergency alerts through the Linn-Benton Alert Notification System.


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