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Participation on county boards and commissions involves citizens directly in local government in an impactful way and provides the Board of Commissioners with timely input on important issues. Members of Benton County's various advisory boards and committees are unpaid volunteers who devote numerous hours of their time to these community activities. In all there are 24 advisory boards, commissions and committees and members may serve up to two consecutive terms. Members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners to fill vacancies, which have set terms.

For more information about Benton County advisory boards and committees or the application process can contact Teresa Farley at 541-766-6890, or by email.

You can fill out an application online.

Committee Vacancies

Board or Committee  Opening
Bicycle Advisory Committee Yes (2) - County Residents
Board of Property Tax Appeals* No
Budget Committee* No
Charter Review Committee No
Citizen Advisory Committees No
Corvallis-Benton County Library Board No
Courthouse Preservation Committee No
Disposal Site Advisory Committees* Yes (3) - Residents of Adair Village, No. Albany
or Monroe
Emergency Medical Advisory Committee Yes (2) - General Public, Physician/Health Care Provider
Environmental Issues Advisory Committee Yes (1) - County Resident
Fair Board* No
Food Service Advisory Committee* Yes (3) - 2 General Public; 1 Food Industry
Historic Resources Commission*

Yes (3) - 2 General Public; 1 Architecture or
Construction Industry

Law Enforcement Review Committee No
Mental Health, Addictions and Developmental Disabilities Advisory Committee* Yes (8) - 7 Service Users; 1 High School Student
Natural Areas and Parks Board Yes (5) - 4 County Residents; 1 High School Student
Planning Commission Yes (1) - County Resident
Public Health Planning Advisory Committee Yes (1) - Health Care Practitioner
Roads Advisory Committee Yes (1) - County Resident
Solid Waste Advisory Council* Yes (3) - Residents of Adair Village, No. Albany
or Monroe
Special Transportation Advisory Committee* Yes (4) - Users, User Representatives, Providers,
Provider Representatives, Special and Rural
Transportation System staff, Senior, Person w/Disabilities

* State Mandated Board