County awards non-lethal deterrents grants

Close-up of brown cougar face
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Agricultural and Wildlife Protection Program (AWPP) awarded over $14,000 in non-lethal deterrents grants.

Agricultural operations in Benton County that wish to prevent conflicts with wildlife could apply for up to $5,000 in reimbursement grant funds for the purchase of proactive non-lethal wildlife deterrents to protect livestock and crops. Grant applications were reviewed by a committee comprised of county staff, an at-large citizen member, and representatives from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, OSU Extension and Chintimini Wildlife Center.   

The AWPP grant program is in its fourth year. This year’s grantees are located throughout the county and proposed a variety of non-lethal deterrent projects including scare devices, upgraded fencing, and protective netting.      

These awards are for the year 2021. The next round of AWPP funding will be in 2022 with applications being accepted in July. Grant funds are still available for landowners who are concerned about conflicts with beaver specifically. Information about the AWPP and associated grant program can be found at