Development code changes to take effect June 30, 2018

Accessory dwelling unit
Tuesday, June 26, 2018

On June 19, 2018 the Benton County Board of Commissioners adopted amendments to the County Development Code that allow and establish standards for accessory dwelling units (ADU). These amendments will take effect June 30, 2018.

Beginning July 2, 2018, owners of a single-family dwelling on residentially zoned property inside urban growth boundaries but outside city limits in Benton County may apply to establish an ADU.

ADUs are subject to several standards that include:

  • 1 ADU per single-family dwelling
  • Maximum habitable space of 900 square feet
  • Maximum attached garage of 300 square feet
  • Maximum of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • Demonstration of 50% greater well-water supply than is required of a single-family dwelling
  • Located no more than 200 feet from single family dwelling
  • Road approach to be shared with single-family dwelling, and driveway to meet fire district requirements
  • Required owner-occupancy of either the single-family dwelling or the ADU
  • Short-term rental (less than 30 days) prohibited for both the ADU and single-family dwelling
  • Compliance with building code, septic system rules and road approach regulations

ADU standards can be found at

The standards were developed and adopted through a local public process. The standards are intended to be consistent with the goal of expanding affordable housing opportunities in the County, while continuing to protect neighboring properties from negative impacts and environmental hazards.

Oregon Senate Bill 1051 was developed with the primary purpose of expanding housing opportunities within the state and, among other things, required most local jurisdictions to allow ADUs within urban growth boundaries. 

The Benton County Community Development Department held a public information and input session in April 2018. The Planning Commission held a public hearing in May, followed by a Board of Commissioners public hearing in June 2018.  

To apply or to learn more about eligibility, property owners can contact the Benton County Planning Division at 541-766-6819 or Information is available on the Planning Division web page


Greg Verret, Community Development Director