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Benton County strives to make its communities great places to live, work and do business. Business survival often depends on appropriate infrastructure with quality roads and public facilities, livability, low crime rates, well-functioning social programs and educational and recreational opportunities.

Benton County has a hand in all of this. With a Public Works Department that builds and maintains roads and bridges; law enforcement, prosecution and parole and probation services provided by the Sheriff’s Office, Juvenile Department and District Attorney’s Office; educational, recreational and cultural enhancement opportunities offered by the Fairgrounds, Natural Areas and Parks Department and OSU Extension Service.

The county is focusing on a larger role regarding the retention and attraction of businesses that will be the future of sustaining the local economy, taking a regional approach. The county supports the Business Enterprise Center, business incubator program, and all three commissioners are involved in economic development activities.

Benton County has partnered with the City of Corvallis to develop a more favorable and healthy business climate in the community. Planned activities are the result of discussions of a local Economic Development Commission, which includes Commissioner Jay Dixon as one of its members. More information about the joint effort is available online at the Corvallis/Benton County Economic Development Office and the Corvallis/Benton County Economic Development website.

Benton County is committed to creating and maintaining the social, environmental and transportation infrastructure for new and existing businesses to rise up within the county and prosper.

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