Emergency Management seeks feedback for Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

A two-lane paved road in Lobster Valley is completely blocked by a landslide of mud and downed fir trees.
Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Community leaders in Benton County are working with the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development to update the County’s Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (NHMP). Natural Hazard Mitigation plans detail community risk for disasters and natural hazards and potential actions to lower risk to people, property, and the local economy before the next disaster or natural hazard event happens.

All survey responses are anonymous and will not be connected to any personal information. Data from the survey will be used to inform the disaster and natural hazards planning process. Communities in Benton County can use information from this survey to support their own action items and ideas for implementation, and to better inform disaster and natural hazards outreach strategies, mitigation, response and recovery. Take the survey.

The NHMP was adopted by a resolution of the Benton County Board of Commissioners in July 2016, and is the product of community effort that included steering committee discussions and examining potential natural hazards and ways to mitigate them.

The 2016 Benton County NHMP was prepared in accordance with 44 Code of Federal Regulations Part 201, and was approved by both the State Hazard Mitigation Officer and FEMA Region X. Topics include mitigation strategies for earthquakes, flooding, landslides, winter storms, windstorms, wildfire, drought and others. Review the County’s current NHMP.

The Benton County multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan progress report summarizes progress made toward completing mitigation projects. Benton County submits this report annually and continues to work toward completing the steps outlined in the NHMP to enable the County to be more resilient during hazard events.


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