Forestland Classification & Review Committee

Committee Groundwork

The Benton County Forestland Classification Committee (BCFCC) had its first meeting in May of 2008. The first several meetings were spent establishing its bylaws (PDF), determining how the BCFCC would conduct its business, learning about the task that they were charged with, and clarifying a protocol for implementation.

Once this was done, the BCFCC began meeting to make draft classification determinations on all Benton County lands within the Protection District. The Committee is working systematically to make and record the draft determination across each Township and Section.

Committee Meetings

The BCFCC meetings are open to the public. Notices are posted in the Corvallis Gazette-Times Newspaper, and at ODF, Benton County Assessors Office, and Benton County OSU-Extension Service offices.

There will also be meetings to update the public and collect public comment on the draft determinations and process used for classifying forestlands. Following the public meetings, a hearing, and written order will be submitted to the Benton County Clerk, and the results of the classification review will be passed on to the Benton County Assessor's Office, where they will implement the changes to the tax rolls.

As with other assessment decisions, forestland determinations will be subject to appeal by property owners.

BCFCC Committee Members
Name City/Affiliation
Jim Wernz - Chair Benton County Landowner
Ted Erdmann - Secretary Oregon Department of Forestry
Jennifer Beathe Benton County Landowner (Starker Forests)
Brad Withrow-Robinson Benton County OSU Extension Service
Chuck Harris Oregon State Fire Marshal (Adair RFPD)
Pat Malone Benton County Landowner
Department of Forestry Contacts
Name Contact Information
Michael Curran
District Forester
Oregon Department of Forestry West Oregon District Headquarters
Oregon Department of Forestry
24533 Alsea Hwy
Philomath, OR 97370
541-929-3266 – Front Desk
541-929-5549 – Fax