Honoring Commissioner Anne Schuster

Commissioner Anne Schuster

By Joe Kerby, Benton County Administrator

While I have only had the pleasure of knowing Commissioner Schuster for the past 18 months, I know that over the past four years she has touched innumerable lives in our County. She has been a passionate advocate to advance progress on various local and regional issues, including emergency preparedness, economic development, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and health and human services.

I have watched Commissioner Schuster make countless decisions that positively impact lives for the better. Some went unnoticed and some initiated broad community response, but they all were critically considered and made from the heart.

Her favorite part of the job is convening people, making connections and getting things done. In fact, anyone who knows Commissioner Schuster, you will probably have heard her say that exact phrase. And, she is really good at it. She has been a great convener and collaborator, advancing numerous issues in her role as County Commissioner as well as through her roles on Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments, Workforce Investment, IHN-CCO, Community Health Centers of Linn and Benton Counties, Oregon Community Foundation South Willamette, Housing Opportunities Action Council, and more. And, I’m not the only person that sees her actions. She received several awards in recent years, including the Corvallis First Citizen honor, the inaugural Kersey Women in Rotary Award, and the 2016 Mental Health Heroes Award.

Commissioner Schuster wears her heart on her sleeve and is a true public servant. She knows that the job of a County Commissioner is oftentimes about providing an atmosphere where you set others up for success through setting policy and supporting staff so they can do the best job possible. She has taken the time to meet and get to know many County staff and has done an outstanding job of cultivating relationships throughout the County and beyond. 

On behalf of Benton County employees I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Commissioner Schuster for her tireless efforts over the last 4 years.  Her positive impacts will continue to reverberate throughout our Community for many years to come.