Outdoor masking no longer required in Benton County

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Benton County Board of Commissioners, acting in their capacity as the Board of Health, issued Order #D2021-079 today, November 30, 2021, amending Order #D2021-063. Effective immediately, masks or face coverings are no longer required to be worn in crowded outdoor public settings. This order brings the County into alignment with the recent statewide update from Governor Brown’s office.

“We want to thank Benton County residents for their vigilance in following COVID-19 precautions. Your hard work has allowed us to ease some restrictions,” Benton County Board Chair Xan Augerot said today. “Although the situation is improving, we can’t fully relax yet. For that reason, wearing a mask is strongly recommended in crowded outdoor settings and still required in all public indoor settings. By continuing to take precautions as a whole, our community can make forward progress out of this pandemic.”

View the November 30, 2021 Board of Commissioners meeting online at https://youtu.be/77qvFy67Kfs?t=2397

While face coverings are an important prevention method, they alone aren’t enough to protect from COVID-19. Layering prevention methods such as frequent hand washing and getting a COVID-19 vaccine are important measures to prevent the spread of illness. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and provide the best protection against the Delta variant, most importantly against severe outcomes including hospitalization and death. For a list of COVID-19 vaccine opportunities in Benton County visit: https://bit.ly/BentonCoHealthDept-FindAVaccine.

The Board of Commissioners’ order can be read in full below, and accompanying guidance is available online.