Sheriff’s Office supports rural schools

Benton County Sheriff's Office employees collect school supplies to deliver to rural Benton County schools

Each year members of the Sheriff's Office dig into their own pockets and donate supplies to help rural schools in Benton County. During late August and early September, Deputies, staff, and volunteers purchase school supplies and drop them off at the Sheriff's Office. Everything from backpacks to spiral notebooks are collected for the schools. Sometimes staff purchase items while doing back-to-school shopping for their own families. If they don't have time to shop, there's always a colleague willing to shop for them!

Once the supplies are collected, they are distributed to rural schools in Alsea, Blodgett, Kings Valley, and Monroe where they are shared with students and teachers. The delivery to our local schools is definitely an annual highlight for Deputies and staff.

Sheriff's Office members know how important school is to youths and families, and how difficult it can be to provide the supplies needed for a positive educational experience. The Benton County Sheriff's Office takes great pride in being able to contribute to that experience and help support our local learning environments.