Thursday, April 11 Flooding and High Water Updates

Image courtesy of Loretta Robinson of Hyak Park, Benton County, Oregon
Thursday, April 11, 2019

Please check ODOT's TripCheck to see if highways are closed or traffic is restricted. As a reminder, please DO NOT cross flood waters. Turn around, don't drown! Keep yourself safe and plan ahead for delayed travel times. 

See all Emergency Road Notifications.


Update 6:04pm

The eastern closure point on OR 34 Corvallis-Lebanon Highway is now at Peoria Road. Fast moving water covers parts of the road between Peoria Road and the Willamette River east of Corvallis. One lane will open in each direction when safe for travel. The multi-use path remains underwater. Expect delays. 


Update 3:59pm

High Water

  • Shingle Creek Rd. near Marys River Rd.


Update 11:22am

Roads Open 

  • Quarry Rd. 


Update 9:52am

Roads Open

  • McFarland Rd.
  • Bruce Rd.
  • Greenberry Rd. (open but still has high water signs posted).

Road Closures

  • Buena Vista Rd. closed at Polk County line and posted on Springhill Dr.
  • Springhill Dr. just past Golf Club of Oregon at mile post 2.
  • Quarry Rd. just past the school zone (10 ft. section of the road).


Update 9:23am

The landslide on OR 34 Alsea Highway, 3 miles west of Tidewater has been removed and all lanes are open.


Update 7:06am

Road Closures

There is a landslide on OR 34 Alsea Highway, 3 miles west of Tidewater covering most of the road. Expect delays. Avoid the area and take alternate routes. Crews anticipate cleanup will take several hours.

OR 34 Corvallis-Lebanon Highway remains closed 2 miles east of Corvallis at Colorado Lake Drive. Flood waters went down overnight, but continue to cover the road. Travelers should expect heavy traffic on alternate routes.



Reminders from ODOT for Driving in Heavy Rain

Heavy rain can create dangerous driving conditions including reduced visibility, reduced traction between tires and the road, and less predictable car handling. Before heading out, visit to check your route, and give yourself more time to get where you are going. Also remember to:

  • Slow down, especially through high water. Driving through several inches of water at high speed can cause you to lose control of the car.
  • Be aware of the potential for hydroplaning, when your tires encounter more water than they can scatter. Your tire loses traction with the road and if this occurs, ease off the gas, gently apply the brakes and steer straight ahead.
  • Keep your distance; you may need more time to slow down.
  • Turn on your headlights to improve visibility.
  • Disengage your cruise control.
  • Check your brakes. After driving through a puddle, check that brakes are working properly by tapping them gently a few times.

Crews are working to remove landslides and monitor water on the roadways all around the state. Be prepared for delays by making sure vehicles are fully fueled, and carry extra supplies. For more tips on driving safely in Oregon's challenging weather, visit ODOT's website.