Outside Funding Requests



For information regarding County policy on requests for funding from non-County governmental entities, please see the financial policy No. 9.12.



The information requested in this form is intended to provide the Budget Committee and the Board of Commissioners information for the evaluation of funding requests from entities that are not a part of the Benton County Governmental organization.  This funding is intended to be strategically disbursed to advance the priorities identified and adopted by the Board of Commissioners.


The party requesting funding from the County will fill out the form and submit it to Benton County Financial Services by January 31, prior to the adoption of the biennial budget.  The request will be reviewed by Financial Services and then provided to the County’s departments and County Administrator for comments.  The request and staff comments will be provided to the Budget Committee during the budget adoption process.



This form does NOT apply to contractual relationships. Please speak to your departmental contact and/or County Counsel for matters pertaining to contracting.