Building Permit Process & Application Forms

Submitting a Permit

Due to COVID-19 safety measures please read the following for our new permit submittal protocol. Prior to visiting our office please call 541-766-6819 or email

1.  Initial application completeness review via email. See the list of permit applications below. (A complete application typically includes a site plan of 11x17 or smaller, construction drawings and structural calculations)

Send the following documents to

  • Agricultural Exempt Permit Applications
  • Demolition Permits
  • Septic Permits
  • Structural Permits
  • Other building permits that cannot be applied for through the E-Permitting website.

2.  A Planning Technician will review your site plan for completeness and be in contact with you about any missing items.

3.  A Permit Technician will review your application packet for completeness. Upon approval of the site plan and confirmation of a complete application, you will be contacted by a permit technician to set up an appointment for submitting the full size plans and calculations. See note below about our digital submission option:

Note: To facilitate digital submission and processing during this COVID-19 situation, we will provide printing services for plans that do not exceed 11” X 17” at no additional cost.

Plans that are larger than 11” X 17” will go through a site plan review and upon approval and confirmation of a complete application, you will be contacted by a Permit Technician directed to drop off the full size plans and calculations.

4.  Your address is the information used on the majority of permits. If no address has been assigned to the property yet, the legal description (12-digit map & tax lot number) and the road name may be used. Call 541-766-6819 and ask for building permits for other pertinent information regarding your permit.

Quick Links: Permit and Application Forms, Additional Forms, Fee SchedulesSite Plan Requirements

Permit and Application Forms (Use Internet Explorer to fill out form and enter digital signature):

BUILDING PERMITS ARE VALID FOR 180 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF ISSUE:  The Building Official may grant a 180-day extension provided a written request for the extension is received ten (10) days prior to the expiration of the original permit. 

NOTE: If your proposed structure or demolition is within the floodplain you will also need to submit a floodplain development application (the form and instructions will be at the bottom of the page).

Submit the following permit applications to for preliminary review.

* Note: These permits require a site plan of your property, please see description and checklist below.

Licensed Contractors may submit Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing permits via E-permitting (this option is not available to unlicensed individuals).

Additional Forms, Acknowledgements and Certificates

Fee Schedules

Site Plan Requirements

Site plans, also known as "plot plans" or "site maps", are required for many building permits and applications. The site map must include the information shown on the Sample Site Map & Checklist

Site plans provide the permit reviewers with a map of the existing conditions on your property, including where existing structures are located and where your proposed structure, addition, decommission, or demolition will be occurring. This site plan typically gets routed to your local fire department, the Assessor's Office, the Public Works Department, the Environmental Health Division, the Planning Division, and the Building Division. Since we have limited scanning equipment, we can only accept legible plot plans (12 point font or larger) that are poster (11" x 17") or letter (8 1/2" x 11") sized.  A site plan is required when applying for a(n): 

  • Agricultural Exempt Permit,
  • Structural Building Permit (new or exterior expansion only),
  • Decommission Permit,
  • Demolition Permit, and
  • Manufactured Dwelling Placement Permit. 

Submit your site plan to along with the rest of your application materials.