Manufactured Home Placement Permit

Submitting a Manufactured Home Placement Permit

General services and inquiries are available by email and phone from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  In-person services are available by appointment from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Please call 541-766-6819 or email to to schedule appointments or ask questions in advance.

General Information - Manufactured Home Placement

New or Replacement Single Family Dwelling

  • To place a new manufactured home on a vacant parcel, you will need to obtain zoning approval. For more details email call 541-766-6819 and ask to speak to a planner in our Planning Division.
  • To replace a manufactured home in a resource zone (farm or forest zone), you will need to obtain zoning approval. For more details email or call 541-766-6819 and ask to speak to a planner in our Planning Division.

Access and Water Supply Worksheet

Onsite Septic Permit Application

Address Request or Confirmation Form

  • New Manufactured Home- An Address Request Form is required and the address will be released at the time of permit issuance. If the property does not have an address, the property will be referenced by the Map and Taxlot on all forms.
  • Replacement Manufactured Home - An Address Confirmation Form is required to confirm that the existing address is still accurate.
1.  Once a stamped “Received” Site Plan is obtain by the Planning Division, please call 541-766-6819 regarding scheduling an appointment with a Building Permit Technician for application submittal. At time of submittal please provide all documents:


Manufactured Home Placement on Private Property

Manufactured Home Placement in a Park

NOTE: If your proposed structure or demolition is within the floodplain you will also need to submit a floodplain development application (the form and instructions will be at the bottom of the page).