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There are six Citizen Advisory Committees (CACs) covering the unincorporated areas of Benton County. They are: Alsea, Mid-Benton, Wren, North Benton, Northwest Benton and South Benton. Each CAC has the following powers and duties (when active):

  • Ensure the opportunity for residents of each CAC area to be involved in all phases of the land-use planning process and other aspects of County government that relate to their area;
  • Increase effective communication between residents and County officials;
  • Encourage and obtain resident input summarizing the varying points of view on those matters brought before the Committee and convey this to the Board of Commissioners, the County Planning Commission, and to other County officials; and
  • Assist the Board of Commissioners and the County Planning Commission and staff in informing residents regarding the technical and legal aspects of land-use planning.

For the full CAC bylaws, please see the "CAC Bylaws" PDF in the supporting documents section below.

Meets: Each CAC holds meetings as needed. 
Membership: 5 Executive Board Members and 2 Alternate Members per CAC
Term: 3 years

CAC Members
Alsea CAC North Benton CAC Wren CAC Northwest Benton CAC South Benton CAC Mid-Benton CAC
Active Not Active Active Not Active Active Not Active
Deborah Coddington   Karen Fleck-Harding   Henry Gillow-Wiles  
Teb David   Tom Brown   Garrick Balsly  
Janet Hendrix   Carol Hemphill   George Wisner  
Grant Laiblin   Marty Schultz   Jim Vitus  
Mimi Stout   Nellie Stark   Julie Saylor  
Gary Strom   Elmer Taylor   Richard Saylor  
Gerry Tsupros   Mike Thomas   Dennis Albert  
    Kay Wetz      

Department: Community Development Department (Web page)
Has Opening: The addition of members to an active CAC is determined by the existing members. Please contact the Planning Division at (541) 766-6819 if you are interested in re-activating a CAC.