BCTT Subcommittee - E.1. Community Education

BCTT Subcommittee - E.1. Community Education


Charge E:

  1. General Landfill History
  2. Develop protocols for the timely and broad distribution of CUP-related information to the public, other governmental entities, and internal committees, groups, and divisions.
  3. Community Education/Outreach/FAQs, etc.
  4. Report Executive Summary


Subcommittee Members:

  • Ginger Rough
  • JonnaVe Stokes/Cory Grogan
  • Louisa Shelby
  • Marge Popp
  • Mary Parmigiani
  • Mark Henkels
  • Staff: Amelia Webb
  • Facilitator: Sam Imperati


Relevant Documents and Resources:

Working Documents:


​Additional References & Resources: