Control Measure 4: Construction Site Runoff Control

Sediment Fence photo

In July 2011 the Benton County Erosion and Sediment Control Program was implemented.

The following code requirements, manual, and other supporting documents should be reviewed and adhered to by any person or business creating a ground-disturbance of 1-acre or more or a cumulative disturbed area of 1-acre or more. This means that for some ground-disturbing activities, a State and County permit may be required.

Please note that any construction project may require erosion and sediment control BMPs, at the discretion of the county engineer depending on specific soils, slope, and other important erosion and sediment control factors.

For a Benton County Erosion and Sediment Control Permit Application Click Here.  Before applying, please make sure and visit our Application Process document for more information on the permit process.