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The Benton County Stormwater Program staff has completed several stormwater program planning and implementation documents. These documents will be updated annually as required by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Stormwater Program. This page also serves as a collection point for all Stormwater Program-related documents and resources found throughout the Program website. 

  • Benton County National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit (2007-2012). The Benton County NPDES permit is a legally binding agreement documenting specific requirements that the county must implement in order to fulfill permit obligations.
  • Benton County Stormwater Management Plan. This plan was developed by Benton County staff from Community Development, Environmental Health, and Public Works in 2007. The plan was adopted by the Benton County Board of Commissioners and is being reviewed by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. An update to the plan was completed in 2011 as required by State and Federal law (see ODEQ permit renewal application package requirements).

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are submitted by Benton County to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, documenting progress towards implementation of the Benton County Stormwater Plan and National Pollution Discharge requirements.


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