Listening Tour March 2016

Benton County Listening Tour March 2016

In March 2016 the Benton County Planning Division and Public Health Department held a listening tour at locations around the county in Alpine, Adair, Wren, Alsea and Benton County Fairgrounds to gather public input on where and how commercial marijuana operations should be allowed in your community. A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and shared their insights into the impacts of this new industry!

Given that counties and cities will have the ability to determine where and how recreational marijuana will be allowed within their jurisdictions, Benton County Planning Division has been tasked by the Oregon State Legislature, Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) and Benton County Board of Commissioners with identifying where the different types of Medical Marijuana “Opt-In” and Recreational Marijuana operations can be located in the County. Also, to determine if any impacts from these operations should be mitigated through land use review.

While we appreciate that there may be concerns about health and social issues arising from the new marijuana legalization, the law is enacted and cannot be changed at the local level. Therefore, addressing where and how recreational marijuana will be allowed in Benton County is the best approach to ensuring community livability, conservation of important resources and success of marijuana business operations.

Please direct questions and comments to Planning Staff at 541-766-6819 or