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UPDATE: As of December 6, 2016, the County will not move forward with proposed code amendments allowing the growing of recreational marijuana in the Rural Residential Zone.

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Benton County Development Code & Marijuana

Recreational marijuana operations licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission are allowed in certain zoning designations within Benton County. Please review the zoning matrix to see which types of operations are allowed in which zones. As with any newly regulated industry, the rules continue to adjust. Benton County may periodically amend the development code in response to changes within the industry and community needs.

After the legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon in 2014, Benton County embarked on a two-part development code amendment process to determine where and how recreational marijuana businesses would be allowed to operate:

  1. Step one (completed) was to adopt code amendments allowing recreational marijuana operations as mandated by the state and in select zones within the county, such as the Exclusive Farm Use, Forest Conservation and Industrial Zones. These code amendments became effective on December 24, 2015. Please see below in our Supporting Documents section below for a Recreational Marijuana Operation by Zone Matrix showing what types of recreational marijuana operations are allowed in each zone. Before buying or leasing property we recommend calling our office at 541-766-6819 and asking for a planner to verify that the zoning will allow your proposed use. 
  2. Step two (completed) was a public outreach process to gain community insight on what types and what level of recreational operations should be allowed in the remaining zones. The Benton County Listening Tour was held in March 2016 to gain general feedback about all the remaining zones. During the tour, community-members expressed interest in being able to grow marijuana for the recreational market in the Rural Residential (RR) Zone, which is not currently allowed. As a result, staff contacted all property owners in the RR Zone in September 2016 and asked for feedback on this topic. Information about this outreach effort can be found here. As of December 6, 2016, the Board has directed staff not to move forward on allowing recreational marijuana grows in the RR zone.

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