Recycling Process


What happens to Recycling after Republic Services picks it up?:

  • After we generate recyclable materials and leave them in the bins at the curb, Republic Services collects the contents in their trucks
  • Recyclables are co-mingled, meaning they consist of a variety of different recyclable materials. The mixed recycling is hauled to a transfer station in Albany, where it is all baled together
  • Baled co-mingled recyclables are then hauled to a Material Recovery Facility in Clackamas, where the different materials are sorted into categories:
    • paper/cardboard
    • variety of plastics
    • different metals
  • Machines and workers try to remove contamination to the best of their ability. Contamination causes recyclables to have lower value, and makes it more difficult and more expensive to have a recycling program.
  • Sorted recyclable materials are then sold into commodity markets at rates which vary depending on material demand. These materials go into new products with recycled content, which is why it is important for consumers to support products with recycled content.

Sorting Recyclables: Watch this video for more details about the general sorting and recycling process 

Recycling is not the only solution - Watch this video to learn more about impacts of materials and recycling on the environment: