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Wetland Diagram

Riparian Buffers – Why Are They Important? How Do They Work?


Wetland Photo

Wetlands Information – Rules, Regulations, Current Locations in the County

Types of Wetlands
Additional Links

Willamette Basin Partnership – "The Willamette Partnership is a diverse coalition of conservation, city, business, farm, and science leaders in the Willamette River basin who are working to shift the way people think about, value, manage, and regulate the environment."

League of Women Voters of Oregon Water Study (Part 1 and Part 2)– "concise review of the current Oregon laws and regulations for water resources and water quality, including an examination of who owns the water, regulation of surface and ground water, monitoring water quality, drinking water regulations, land use and water, and water conservation; 2009. Part 2 covers the current issues facing water quality and quantity from the perspectives of stakeholder groups throughout the state".

City of Corvallis Willamette River TMDL Project – "Current TMDLs on the Willamette River in the vicinity of Corvallis include bacteria, mercury, and temperature. The city has strategies to address bacteria and mercury TMDLs, and a plan to address the temperature component is being created through the TMDL Alternatives Evaluation Project."