Riparian And Wetlands Project Maps and Figures

Benton County Voluntary Program for Riparian Resources (coming soon)

Staff and project partners are currently working on finalizing example maps and other figures to demonstrate the riparian vegetation monitoring protocol. Contact Adam Stebbins via e-mail or call 541-766-6085 with any questions or comments.

Inventory Maps for Riparian and Wetland Resources (2009-2012)

Maps produced by county staff and other organizations to date to support the Riparian and Wetlands Project:

LiDAR or "Light Detection and Ranging" is an optical remote sensing technology that measures properties of scattered light to find range and/or other information of a distant target. The prevalent method to determine distance to an object or surface is to use laser pulses. Benton County is a partner in the Oregon LiDAR Consortium and will be utilizing LiDAR data for the Riparian and Wetlands project and other County projects.