Solid Waste Management

Materials Management Lifecycle
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Waste Hierarchy in Benton County

Waste Prevention

Preventing waste is just as important as proper disposal of waste. We can stop waste before creating it. Materials have carbon footprints before they make it to their “end-of-life”, and to reduce that impact on our environment, here are some tips:

  • Before buying, think “do I need this item?”
  • Buy high quality products which will last a long time and can be repaired.
  • Shop locally, reducing shipping and packaging waste.
  • Prioritize shopping for pre-owned products whenever possible.
  • Repair and re-use items instead of discarding.
  • Donate usable items instead of discarding

Benton County’s Materials Management program aims to help our communities prevent waste before it occurs. Watch this video from DEQ to learn more.

Waste Prevention Resources:

For more information on local Waste Prevention go to:

Waste Service Carts Benton County

Service Info

The Materials Management (Solid Waste) program of the Benton County Community Development Department has franchise agreements with:

Benton County residents have access to the following curbside collection services:

  • Recycling
  • Compost (Mixed Organics)
  • Landfill

Additional curbside collection services:

  • Glass (Corvallis and North Albany)
  • Fall Leaf Collection (Corvallis, Adair Village, Philomath, North Albany)
  • Winter Holiday Tree Collection (Benton County, Corvallis, Adair Village, Philomath, North Albany)

For detailed services and schedules, choose below:

Benton County

Adair Village




North Albany


Get Involved!:

  • Solid Waste Advisory Council (SWAC)
  • Disposal Site Advisory Committee (DSAC)
Tan Recycling Cart


Recyclables can be placed in your tan cart for collection. When an item’s useful life is completed, it is important to recycle. Recycling turns the materials from that item into something new, and reduces the need to generate new materials. Recycling helps conserve valuable resources and reduces the greenhouse gas footprint and climate change impacts of materials.

Contamination is a major issue, and prevents some items from being recycled properly. Be sure to place only acceptable items in the tan cart. Please leave out glass, bags and film, and anything with food waste.

Recycle Right! Use this guide to choose which items to recycle. All items must be empty, clean, and dry!

Community Recycling Depots:

Republic Services Coffin Butte Landfill

  • 28972 Coffin Butte Road, Corvallis, OR 97330
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm
  • (541) 745-5792

Republic Services Recycling Center

  • 110 NE Walnut Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97330
  • Center is on the east end. Enter from Belvue St., either from Walnut Blvd. or Circle Dr.
  • Hours: Everday, 7:00am-7:00pm
  • Closed New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

First Alternative Natural Foods Co-Op Recycling Center

  • South Store1007 SE 3rd St., Corvallis, OR 97333
  • 7am-10pm
  • 541-753-3115

Recycling Resources:

Become a Master Recycler – Linn Benton Master Recycler Class

Paint Recycling – PaintCare Program Drop-Off Locations

Electronics Recycling – Free E-Waste Recycling available throughout Benton County at these locations

BottleDrop – You can return recyclable bottles and cans to local BottleDrop Locations

Packing Peanuts & Packing Materials – Recycle at local mailing centers. Call ahead and ask if packing peanuts and materials are accepted!

Car Donation and Recycling – Call donation and recycling organizations to check if they accept vehicles

City of Corvallis - Recycling

City of Albany - Sustainability

For more information on Waste Prevention and Recycling go to: