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   Revised April 11, 2023


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On Tuesday July 19, 2022, the Benton County Board of Commissioners heard the results of a Situational Assessment focused on solid waste and disposal, including Coffin Butte landfill.

An independent third-party affiliated with Oregon Consensus presented the situation assessment. For a copy of the written report, please click HERE.

The assessment includes a recommendation for the Board of Commissioners to create a temporary workgroup for making recommendations to the Board regarding specific solid waste topics. During a meeting on July 26, 2022, the Board decided to move forward with the process of convening this work group.

Accessing Written Public Comments 

Use the link below to access written public comments:

Work Group Information

Various stakeholders participated in the work group, including eight members of the public to be appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Past Meetings of the Work Group


These subcommittees met independent from the Workgroup. Please click on a link below to access information for each subcommittee.  

Past Work Group Report Drafts

Other Information

For more information on Oregon Consensus and the third-party facilitation team, please visit Institute for Conflict Management – Oregon Consensus.