Stormwater Resources

Benton County Stormwater Program – Links & Resources

The following websites, documents, and other information was compiled to provide the public, private and public businesses/organizations, and others interested in additional stormwater resources. The following categories of helpful information were developed based on public comments from community meetings and other input during 2007-2012.

Interested in how the City of Corvallis deals with stormwater?  Visit their webpage here: 

Want to do more to reduce your fossil fuel dependence and reduce mercury levels in air pollution that falls to the ground?  Consider riding Corvallis' FREE transit system!

Looking for the next Household Hazardous Waste Event at Republic Services? 


The following maps provide the stormwater program boundaries, facilities, and other important geographic information related to the Benton County Stormwater Program:

  • Benton County National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Boundary Map
  • Benton County Facilities within City and County Stormwater Conveyance Areas

Stormwater Facilities and Best Management Practices

Neighborhoods outside the city limits currently have curb and gutter, catch basins, detention ponds, and other stormwater infrastructure. The following are helpful resources for maintaining these types of stormwater facilities.

Stormwater Manager's Resource Center – Comprehensive website that provides Maintenance Inspection Checklists, Best Management Practices, and many other resources.

Rain Gardens

Benton County has partnered with Oregon State University to construct and support long term monitoring of a large stormwater bioretention and treatment facility at the Benton County Avery Facility. More information and current data, results, and more located at:

Benton County allows 'rain gardens' to capture rainwater and increase infiltration, to reduce surface water runoff during storm events.

  • The Oregon Rain Garden Guide: A Step-By-Step Guide to Landscaping for Clean Water and Healthy Streams (Oregon State University Extension Service) - Linked Below
  • Oregon Stormwater Solutions: Turning Rain Back into a Resource - Linked Below

Background Information 

The US EPA Stormwater Web site provides comprehensive background information on the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System.

Trap the Grease in the Kitchen

Grease washed into the plumbing system through the kitchen sink can build up and block sewer pipes. See the Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies brochure (linked below) for tips on how to prevent this.

Please visit the Benton County Public Works Department at 360 SW Avery Ave., Corvallis OR, 97333 for more information related to stormwater and water quality.