Technical Resources and Funding

(Updated 5-13-13)
Benton County Riparian and Wetlands Project staff has worked to learn from landowners, what activities and goals are important on their property. To help support landowners interests in learning more about riparian and wetland technical resources and funding opportunities, these are provided below by category (technical resources and funding opportunities). Staff will continue to update these resources for landowners.


Technical Resources
"How to best remove blackberry?" "What weeds are of concern?" "Who can help?" and many other topics are covered in detail by viewing the publications below:

OSU Extension Service Publications

  • Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook
  • Managing Himalayan Blackberry in Western Oregon Riparian Areas
  • Pacific Northwest's Least Wanted List: Invasive Weed Identification and Management
  • Scotch Broom: Biology and Management in the Pacific Northwest
  • Stream*A*Syst – A tool for gauging stream quality on your property
  • Tree Buffers Along Streams on Western Oregon Farmland
  • Selecting Native Plant Materials for Restoration Projects
  • Nutrient Management

Oregon NRCS Publications

US Fish and Wildlife Service

US Forest Service, Oregon Department of Forestry


  • Campbell, Bruce. Restoring Rare Native Habitats In The Willamette Valley
  • Linn SWCD. Guide For Using Willamette Valley Native Plants Along Your Stream

Funding Opportunities

  • Agricultural Related Funding Opportunities
  • Forestry Related Funding Opportunities
  • Other Rural Land Related Funding Opportunities
  • Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) – Federal Program for landowners with rural pasture and farmland containing stream/riparian areas. See brochure with program details for Benton County
  • The Riparian Tax Incentive Program through Benton County and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offers a property tax incentive to property owners for improving or maintaining qualifying riparian lands. Under this program, property owners receive complete property tax exemption for their riparian property. This can include land up to 100 feet from a stream.
  • Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Habitat Grants

Local Support for Riparian and Wetland Planning and Protection 
Local groups led by watershed councils and the Benton Soil and Water Conservation Districts promote voluntary projects and help provide funding for protecting and restoring streams, wetlands, and other natural resources within Benton County.