Voluntary Program for Riparian Resources Timeline

Voluntary Program for Riparian Resources Timeline

The Voluntary Program for Riparian Resources (see Brochure) was adopted on August 1, 2013 by the Benton County Board of Commissioners.  Program staff have developed a technical monitoring protocol and outreach/education plan (see Program Implementation Goals & Objectives).  The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) approved the voluntary program to support compliance with Oregon water quality regulations. Benton County submits to DEQ an Annual Performance Monitoring Report each year and a Program Trends and Status Report every five years.  

Program Timeline

Estimated submission Spring 2019 - Year 4 Annual Monitoring Report and Year 5 Program Trends and Status Report (waiting on completion of aerial photography for 2018, none was available for 2017)

January 2017 - Year 3 Annual Monitoring Report submitted

October 2015 - Year 2 Annual Monitoring Report submitted

February 2015 - Year 1 Annual Monitoring Report submitted

August 2013 - Voluntary Program for Riparian Resources was adopted by the Benton County Board of Commissioners

2009-2011 - Inventory of Benton County Riparian and Wetlands to identify Priority Riparian Areas