Business Guidance: Vaccines and Face Coverings

Updated 06/14/2021

On May 18, 2021 the Oregon Health Authority announced changes to statewide mask and face covering guidance. These updates provide businesses with choices in how to protect their customers and the larger community against the spread of COVID-19.

Businesses, employers and faith institutions may choose to continue applying and enforcing face covering and physical distancing requirements for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status. These organizations MUST continue to enforce these requirements if they do not have a policy for checking proof of vaccination, or if an individual has declined to provide such proof.

Businesses, employers, and faith institutions should review all state guidance before changing their activities.

More information on updated guidelines for individuals can be found on the County's Guidance for Face Coverings page.


Important Definitions


Businesses: “Business” means an individual, organization or entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities, and includes the sectors listed in the Oregon Health Authority’s sector risk level guidance chart such as eating and drinking establishments, indoor recreation and fitness establishments, indoor entertainment establishments, retail stores, indoor and outdoor shopping centers and malls, outdoor recreation and fitness establishments, outdoor entertainment establishments, and personal services providers.

Proof of Vaccination Status: “Proof of vaccination status” means documentation provided by a tribal, federal, state or local government, or a health care provider, that includes an individual’s name, date of birth, type of COVID-19 vaccination given, date or dates given, depending on whether it is a one-dose or two-dose vaccine, and the name/location of the health care provider or site where the vaccine was administered. Documentation may include, but is not limited to, COVID-19 vaccination record card, or a copy or digital picture of the vaccination record card.


Options for Protecting Customers


Please note: Businesses that choose to check vaccination status will likely utilize both options at once. For example, a business that chooses to check vaccination status may check that status of a fully vaccinated individual and allow them to enter the businesses without a mask. Then when the next unvaccinated customer arrives, the business will require them to wear a mask and maintain physical distancing.

Checking Vaccination Status Maintain Masking and Social Distancing

Take the following steps:

  1. Establish policy and process for checking for proof of vaccination status.
  2. Request proof of vaccination status from each individual.
  3. Review each individual’s proof of vaccination prior to entry or admission.

Upon entry or admission verified, fully vaccinated individuals can:

  • Refrain from wearing a mask or face covering.
  • Refrain from adhering to physical distancing guidelines.

A business, employer or faith institution that has a policy for requesting and checking for proof of vaccination and requests and reviews proof of vaccination may permit fully vaccinated individuals with proof of vaccination to go without a mask, face covering or face shield, and does not need to enforce physical distancing requirements for such individuals.

Continue to apply and enforce the mask, face covering and face shield guidance, and physical distancing requirements in state COVID-19 guidance to all individuals unless a business, employer or faith institution.