These criteria must be met in order for Benton County to apply to the Oregon Health Authority for re-opening. Benton County applied for re-opening on May 11, 2020. Benton County is required to maintain these criteria in order to progress through all three phases.


Declining Prevalence of COVID-19
The percentage of emergency department visits for COVID-19-like illnesses (CLI) are less than the historic average for flu at the same time of year YES
A 14-day decline in COVID-19 hospital admissions. YES
Minimum Testing Regimen
Regions able to administer testing at a rate of 30 per 10k per week YES
Sufficient testing sites accessible to underserved communities (assessed at regional level) YES
Contact Tracing System
County has 15 contact tracers per 100k people YES
County contact tracing workforce is reflective of the county and able to work in needed languages YES
County is prepared to trace 95% of all new cases within 24 hours YES
Isolation Facilities
Counties have hotel rooms available for those who cannot self-isolate YES
Counties provide a narrative of how they will respond to three different outbreak situations in the county YES
Sufficient Health Care Capacity
Region must be able to accommodate a 20% increase in hospitalizations YES
Sufficient PPE
Hospitals in region are reporting PPE supply daily through HOSCAP YES
Hospitals in region must have 30 day supply of PPE depending on their size YES
Counties must have sufficient PPE for first responders. YES