Guidance for Events and Gatherings

As we head into summer, events will be occurring in the community. We would like to restate the importance of staying safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19. Now that larger gatherings are allowed, we know that there will be important events you want to attend and it is critical that health and safety are including in your planning. While attending events, please keep in mind the following:

  1.  If you go as a group, go as a small group, and keep it small.
  2.  Do your best to maintain 6 feet of distance from other people.
  3.  Wear a face covering at all times during the event. If you can, bring new masks for others.
  4.  Stay hydrated.
  5.  Bring tissues and dispose of them properly. Carry a small garbage bag if necessary. 
  6.  Bring plenty of hand sanitizer.
  7.  If you are 65+ or have a preexisting condition, consider staying home and participating in a different way. 

Phase 2 Guidance: General Events and Gatherings

Gathering Size Guidance
  • Indoor Gatherings: Limited to 50 People
  • Outdoor Gatherings: Limited to 100 People
  • Venues, Restaurants, Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment Facilities, Fitness Related Organizations have additional gathering size guidance
  • Additional Gathering Guidance From OHA
Physical Distancing Guidance
  • 6 feet of distancing should be maintained, except for members of the same party
  • Consider outdoor gatherings when possible
  • Determine seating and or configuration to comply with all physical distancing requirements
  • Assign a physical distancing monitor to ensure compliance with all distancing requirements
  • Configure outdoor space to ensure that parties contain no more than 10 people
Prevention Practices
  • Encourage vulnerable populations to stay home
  • Encourage those with COVID-19 symptoms to stay home
  • Encourage guest to cover coughs/sneezes with elbow or tissue
  • Encourage Guest to avoid touching face
  • Encourage the use of face coverings
  • Do not combine parties

Oregon Health Authority Sector-specific Guidance

Guidance issued June 2020

Guidance issued May 2020