Guidance for Face Coverings

Updated 02/27/23

Although masking is no longer required, we know that it is an effective and relatively effortless precaution we can take to add a layer of protection at times when the risk of transmission is high. Everyone should consider wearing a mask when in public indoor spaces, such as when going to a grocery store or movie theater. When transmission of COVID-19 is high in the community, or when the Centers for Disease Control Community Level is ‘medium’ or ‘high’, wearing a mask can help protect you from exposure.

For people who are at higher risk from COVID-19, such as anyone 65 years or older, people with an immunocompromising condition, and people with other underlying medical conditions, wearing a mask in public can be especially important.


The right mask for the job

Early on in the pandemic, health officials requested the public not use N95 respirators and medical grade masks in order to keep a supply available for healthcare workers. Since then, the national supply has been adequately increased and new, more transmissible variants like omicron are making it more important to wear a mask with a higher level of protection. The CDC now recommends wearing the most protective mask you will be able to wear consistently, without adjusting or removing the mask.

For more information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the different kinds of masks, the best way to wear a mask, and more please visit: Types of Masks and Respirators.