Moving Forward and Rolling Back

The reopening of Benton County will be fluid. We will work to reopen our economy while we balance the health of our community.

As we move through reopening, we will be monitoring the status of our reopening criteria.

If there is no change in the reopening criteria over the duration of the phase, for example the prevalence of COVID-19, then the County will look at moving into further phases and reopen the economy further. However, if there is a change in our criteria status certain steps may occur; these are follows:

Holding: If the County enters a holding period, it would mean that there will be an additional one to two weeks required to adequately determine if the criteria are able to be met and maintained

Reductions: Reductions mean that the County may have to pull back on some of its reopening. This could look like the following:

  • Asking businesses to reduce their capacity/appointments by 50%.
  • If contact tracing shows a certain business sector is contributing to an increase in cases, that sector may be asked to close.
  • If cases continue to climb, the County may choose to return to previous phases.